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Frage von Sinsali:

In advance: Yes, I used the search function, but unfortunately found nothing ...

So my problem is this: I have several videos that were taken with a digicam on the hard drive (in. Mpg format).
I made the videos, a couple of songs and pictures a short film I wanted to then export handicrafts.

Now it was so that both with avi (399mb) jerky as synonymous with mpg (30mb) and a DivX avi code (about 28mb) the original video in the actual movie! The images, sound synonymous, and the effects such as animations, titles, or from which a thread, etc., etc., were wonderful, sharp and smooth.

Does anybody know what I might have done wrong or could advise me which codecs should I use and how I s.end on a movie in a reasonable size come from?

Ah, yes ... the videos of the digicam were not initially reduced in mpg but in avi format and quite large so I got them. The videos are not rendered, I did not have much experience with Premiere, but it could be and if so how can I fix it?

In advance, many thanks, I will continue reinschauen here every day and dig through the forum:) Super work [/ slime-mode]

: P
MFG Sinsali


Antwort von Stefan:

Konrolliere the framerate of the videos of your AP and Project.

For me, it sounds as if you malträtierst 30 fps video clip in a 25 fps project.

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von Sinsali:

Sooo ready, I have adjusted the fps, there were once 29 and even 30: o)

My Endfilm but is still quite large ... 60mb for 2min ...
I used XVid, you would recommend me something else?

Thanks @ Stefan

Good night!
MFG Sinsali


Antwort von Stefan:

Inquire back - what can you do with the movie?

60 MB is not so much if you want to pass it on a CD or a flash drive or want to accommodate locally on a 300 GB disk.

However, 60 MB is severe, if he is to be distributed on the Internet. Then you'd have by reducing the bit rate, possibly combined with Mehrpass encoding than can come to 1 / 3 to 1 / 4 the size.

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von videoboy:

if I may here briefly einklincken!? --

I thought it always happens when you mpg `s worked at premier!?

istr ie the principle not the case if I understand you correctly. So you can edit synonymous mpg `s in premiere.
one can therefore synonymous mpg and avi `s mix, as long as they have the same frame rate!?
And how can I adjust these when a film 25 and the other 30 frames / s have?


Antwort von Markus:

"videoboy" wrote: So you can edit synonymous mpg `s in premiere.
I have with Premiere (6.5) have MPEG1 and MPEG2 (even multiplexed processed). The latter, of course, responded a bit sluggish.

"videoboy" wrote: And how can I adjust these when a film 25 and the other 30 frames / s have?
The frame rate can be as well adapted with Adobe After Effects. This can be eg a video can be faster (25 -> 30 fps) or the other video are slower (30 -> 25 fps). Thus you get no loss of quality than the change in velocity. An adaptation of the frame rate is obviously synonymous with AE possible.


Antwort von videoboy:

thank you, I'll try as soon times.

have always been with me all MPEG's .... geruckelt

.... habs just fast with the sandmännchen sampled, so that it works!
even the soundtrack was able to solve and I need to clear.

odd, then perhaps it was only because I have. avi's and mpeg tried to mix? Or is it synonymous if the frame rate right?

synonymous, as always, ... thanks, again opened new possibilities.
every day more einstückchen, super


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