Infoseite // Adobe Premiere Export Problem (jerky!)

Frage von Damien:

Hello s.alle
If I cut my video with premiere pro 1.5 and I look at as a DV avi export and I'm very condensed de zufrieden.obald but I do, it is either liquid or unscahrf and sharp but choppy.
When I Magix Video deluxe videos with or ulead vide studio cut that is not so ... please help me
for info: my videos are sports videos, so a lot of fast movement


Antwort von jasmin61:

hmm this could be many things, please give more details what you have time for recruitment
Import Settings / Project Settings / Export Settings, etc. ..


Antwort von Damien:

I capture directly into Premiere and export with the same Einstellungen.Wenn I have with my camera in the Sport mode aufnhme slow motion very well, but the normal speed is still jerky deinterlaced (or if I "Blend Fields together" sett still hazy). The slow motion Premiere of the need to be specially rendered always look good, you can not irgentwie can render all the unprocessed synonymous?

Damien mfg


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