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Frage von cycleball:

I have this "professional" editing program recently done. They have a learning video2brain DVD of the program and I Ruckzuck understood.
It is a top product, while stürtzt out and again, but the processing of film material is easily of the hand.

However, a major shortcoming, I have! Or I do not know where I should look for!

In Pinnacle Studio, I had the opportunity to Beatbeitung export my DVD to look, how much space (ie minutes) still remains to me a DVD to fill (or S-VCD and so next) ...
With Premiere Pro, I have no possibility to inform me this! I cut my film and have s.Ende probably cut too much - then Premiere Pro when exporting, willy-nilly with the quality down (or I do not know how this makes Premiere Pro then?).

So is there a way in Premiere Pro synonymous somewhere to see how much space one to a DVD still available? And how many minutes of film (including panels, graphics, images and effects, etc.), I have to enter an acceptable quality (which I know that this is not synonymous?) To produce a DVD?

Thank you for the numerous, extensive and loving responses ;-)


Antwort von Jörg:

moin, now would you like the numerous, extensive and loving responses certainly one guess: click on the button times settings
Export dialog of the Media Encoder. Eight out of the Unfolding of the presets popup not to slay werden.Wähle thereof the right,
or you create a matching. In order to know what fits you can obviously an external Bitratenkalkulierer In case of emergency notify you already Premiere with that of the space on the DVD for this bitrate ausreicht.Etwas not reading relating to bitrates harms not synonymous.
Another loving NOTE: Premiere is primarily an editing program, the
Export to DVD option rather rudimentary as synonymous Encore yes still be sold.
Gruß Jörg


Antwort von almosely:

Thank you for your reply.
I will be in this topic a little now synonymous teaching.

Yes, already - but it cost so synonymous Encore again a bunch of money! :-)


Antwort von beiti:

You just saved as a reference point: On a normal DVD +-R fits 1 hour in maximum quality, or 2 hours in Okay quality.

If you have these numbers in your head then you do not need calculator.


Antwort von Wiro:

Here supplementing another experience.
Whether you turn keeps with every free :-)
Gruss Wiro


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