Infoseite // Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 (I will not be displayed Picture - Please help me)

Frage von Fisch:

Hey folks,

Yes, the annoying question already, but I have still to find the answer None (not even after I at least 25 contributions on this topic have read)

I had a very very unprofessionels video program and now I have Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 which I am very satisfied eigenltich.
Only I have a problem or multiple but related, include the following:
Ich hab ne digital camera (Casio Exilim EX-Z600)
I am so happy about movies (AVI format) with the project filmed the process.
Premiere of this format but would like to not answer, no problem.
I simply go to "InterVideo WinDVR 3" and encode it to.
The previously filmed video appears only in the format "mpeg".
Now, it is synonymous open, full of anticipation has finally something to do again, I was sadly disappointed.
The video opens Although LINKS above is synonymous to enjoy, but rarely do I add it into the bar and would like to edit it abpielen and I hear the sound of the videos but the right of the screen is nothing to be seen as BLACK!

It really is very very important that you help me,
it is very urgent and urgent

Thanks again in advance
Liebe Grüße,


PS: videos with the extension "mpeg" not of the cam were recoded from work! Would like to know why.
So to be exact ... when I watch television broadcasts from the record (ie s.pc here) does not synonymous Captured in Premiere (same problem)


Antwort von stodest:

Holst du dir Premiere Pro 7.0 (there is certainly more than the entire camera costs) just so that of a movie camera to edit.

Without going to sound unfriendly lead to a cheap program ... or a real DV camera (in plus there currently was for 199Euro!)

But IMIT your current collection, you will not be happy and the next problem vorprogramiert already!


Antwort von Fisch:

In 3 months, the purchase anyway ... but unfortunately I have so far with the Digi-Cam live


Antwort von Fisch:

bitteeeee So help me!


Antwort von Wiro:

Good, I versuchs times.
Your take clippers in MJPEG Codec (AVI) to. Probably on your system is not installed.
Google: mjpg codec download.

But not just a codec pack installed, but only the MJPEG.
Perhaps, if indeed it is urgent.
Gruss Wiro


Antwort von Fisch:

I have now, thank you!

The Avi's problem will be freely imported, and synonymous displayed on the screen, just like all jerky sau. and still ne frage.
why can I still nich videos with the extension "mpeg" see? synonymous me about the very important that it works!
please help me last time, ((
'm apparently too stupid for the whole, habs here seems really only to do with people are really knowledgeable about this ... and I feel totally stupid anyway

Please ...


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