Infoseite // Adobe Premiere very lame in comparison to Sony Vegas

Frage von 02VideoFaBI:

Dear Slashcam!

I have recently been a little bit with the Cineform codec herumprobiert-synonymous and thus the HD capabilities of the various editing programs.

What stands out:
. avi material that Sony Vegas Pro 8 plays flawlessly in the Premiere CS4 preview only as Jerkiness displayed in seconds, but unfortunately there is not synonymous settings make for the preview.
What can you do? Tricks? Tips? In Vegas, you can simply look at the preview resolution halving, or the RAM memory for the preview of the MB precisely.
Also in the preview SV8 an even CPU load of about 60%, at Premiere varies greatly among them 100% and 50%.
Asking for helpful hints to Premiere CS4 performance to improve. Thank you!


Antwort von deti:

It is synonymous in our experience of the company. If you do not want faster growth calculator, then you should at Sony Vegas Pro will remain.



Antwort von smooth-appeal:

Right click on the displayed video image - Quality - Draft or Draft? Setting.

That could bring what. For me bringts no improvement because it is at 100% and High Quality did not jerky. However, we use only CS2 and CS3.

I know what you do not have calculator for my laptop but even creates in CS3 with no problems and the notebook by today's standards is really a crutch.

Did you problems synonymous with CS, CS2 or CS3 or since its first release with the fourth entry?


Antwort von 02VideoFaBI:

So I have already used the CS3, but not with HD material. But already there was synonymous speed Sony Vegas inferior ...
The quality of the premiere preview is already on the way, "Draft" set, without significant improvement.

My Calculator:
Intel Pentium D950 3.4GHz (2 cores)
3.7 GB RAM
Radeon X1900 XTX (if that makes something ...)

is actually the PC is not soo slow and should be used for simple editing, at least a trace of HD in real time, suffice.


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