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Frage von jabone:

Hello s.alle,

sit grade s.der Internet advertising / presentation of a Munich agency, which s.01.07.08 starts.

I have times when the whole google uploaded, and would love to hear from a lot of comments, assessments and especially criticism synonymous look in so I can optimize all yet.
Tell me, what seems strange to you, where something illogical or so;)

lg Jonathan

PS. Unfortunately, the picture and sound quality through the treatment by Google is not the best


Antwort von B.DeKid:


Looks great
But the Scripture s.anfang is not for me as Studied a little too fast to read, Could be a little slower (so 5 seconds longer for the first third of the spots)

The mailbox with the one could hardly read too quickly ....

Otherwise I find s so good you could make.

B. DeKid


Antwort von marvinjackson:

I think you want ehrlcihe antwortwen. I myself have no idea eigentlcih cutting and so on but I can do all the time so now as a spectator critically bewtrachtet. I think the video of her idea of success. The beginning and I like the scene around 0:12 where the group stands in front of the stairs is very good, but I find the whole wirdf through this many photos with the Allianz Stadium and so somehow cheap (not so seriously did not know how else ichs say). You should if you prefer to have the possibility of a beautiful scene s.Stadion rotate rather than because such a picture do this. So ne schöne rotational movement of the bottom to the top right s.der Vassade along. Do as little pictures (except the s.Anfang yes because as a reminder to appear) pure. Attempt as many such beautiful scenes, such as camera s.Anfang involved. The logo s.Ende Very like me


Antwort von jabone:

@ Bdekid and Marvin Thank you in advance for your appreciation.
The speed of the two Articles, which have raised their two, is still the problem of all.
The problem is that I'm quite limited, because the music is an integral part, but I've been with the head of the agency and discussed various possibilities durchgesprochen how to optimize yet.

PS. and of course, the honest answer is always the best;)


Antwort von Isekram:



Antwort von Axel:

I think as far as voice okay, fonts are too short will appear (or articles could be reduced). What right do I Isekram is the case with the remote locations. That looks a little pained solemnly out of the split screen attempt Dynamics reinzubringen, but can not save. Bad farbkorrigiertes artificial to shape provincial stage. To flotte Music will be glad to hear you verdauungserleichternden drugs. More shine, more pep, more decadence! Or apply in Munich's recent coronation as if a paper is not "wet"? Before I even participate what could I actually prefer the sweep via postal mail.


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