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Beratende Hilfe bei Einrichtung einer Filmwerkstatt

Advisory assistance in setting up a Film Workshop

Frage von daniela_:
Januar 2007

We (a small team of volunteers dedicated professionals from various social sectors) want s.January 07 within an EU project, a film workshop spot open in the young people of documentaries on social projects in the border area and cinematic work out on DVD, as well as for the station spot will be created. We-are supported in the field of storyboards, etc. of a colleague SevenOneMedia AG.
As free Jounalistin I am a bit of Technical Equipment helpless. For the small project is about 5000 euros (slightly more if necessary synonymous) are available for cameras, accessories etc to purchase. An old model already exists (Panasonic MX500), new PC `s synonymous.
Geliebtäugelt we have with the Sony FX1 or Canon XH A1. Finally, the money to good use his many years of many users here in the field of youth pleasure. Possibly still a SonyTRV950 no idea about this-or PD150.
In any case, at least one really good.
I would be as a lay-avowed course very happy if someone up this issue and perhaps synonymous times even want to participate, so to speak, in case one weeks times synonymous Erzgebirge tests. Since all the people here volunteer work and the Project film workshop in rural areas must save more for nice, we can not support large financial Dankeschön possible, but travel and full board are guaranteed. And PR. Because the club has many Auszeichnugnen nationwide and receive the Dolumentation is the vanguard of a larger, long-standing project to be. But to say so far is at least the equipment should be complete here.
What would you recommend?
Many dear greetings,

Antwort von Maik:

"daniela_" wrote:

Geliebtäugelt we have with the Sony FX1 or Canon XH A1. Finally, the money to good use his many years of many users here in the field of youth pleasure. Possibly still a SonyTRV950 no idea about this-or PD150.

I guess you would prefer in the PD-150 class to go.
This is such a sensible use of equipment needs you have:

Batteries 2-3,

+ Possibly

ext. Sound recording equipment (mixers)
Angel, basket, windshield

... she is everything as it comes zusammenrechnet probably loose
at the 5000th --
There is no purpose because in a more expensive camera to invest when the
Rest around it is missing.
Also brings you the advantage of HDV Probably nothing, since it so
synonymous, on average, the possibility must be present (Powerful Calculator
and HD-editing program).

If there's a few hundred EUR air should be, then they prefer a
Handful of external hard disks of 250 GB-class invest enough so synonymous
Place for cutting material.

Many greetings,


Antwort von snakenic:


should you still need help, I am happy to volunteer.
I myself am a cameraman and editor and come from the Erzgebirge.

If you still need help then mailt times, then you will get my phone number.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Maik" wrote:
There is no purpose because in a more expensive camera, to invest the rest around it is missing.

I can only agree! We have a few years ago, times synonymous with video projects and about young people and made this quite deliberately not to expensive cameras (the quality of course had to be there). We decided for two Sony: the TRV900 and the VX1000.
Respects but especially on a good tripod and do not hold too much s.der sound equipment! And a small Lichtset you should in any case synonymous to think: two lamps with wing doors, a reflector and Tripods for all these are the absolute minimum.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Bernd is right. For a serious film workshop should have 1 suitcase Fluorescent light (at least 3 lights) + 2 small and 1 large HMI daylight inside his headlight, bringing the budget already is pretty strained.

Without this minimum level (at least 3 lights per color), it is hardly possible, according to dramaturgical perspective to light.

Antwort von daniela_:

Ok. I have only time an entire shopping list. Maybe Sven is yes for the purchases with a consultant to the Page? I email again private.
Where should we all equipment because s.besten pick? Is it perhaps the same from one source? Unfortunately I have little time super long herumzusuchen.
Your tends therefore synonymous for PD150 and not to the Sony devices?
And pretty stupid, asked why just yet HDV? Would not it be better in the future to invest or are the HD editing programs so expensive? In an emergency, I could synonymous something more budget herauskitzeln, but then something really needs many years of existence there. The devices must not necessarily new.
Oh, everything a misery if you amateurishly it is sigh-help would be really important. I do not want errors in the make purchases and sellers in commercial, I naturally Erts times its own economic reasons-need not be bad, but how can we filter out as a layman?

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"daniela_" wrote:
Your tends therefore synonymous for PD150 and not to the Sony devices?

This decision will save you at least remains: The PD150 is a Sony ;-) and the rest of a very good choice.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von baristursun:

;-) Was a clerical error.

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

"daniela_" wrote:
And pretty stupid, asked why just yet HDV? Would not it be better in the future to invest ...

Since you are currently invested mainly in rather the future of the respective manufacturer, with inventory in the future;)

Every few months, a new consumer HD format ... virtually every manufacturer of its own. S.die We remember old times with the whole home video formats ... Betamax (<Class Picture and Sound), Video2000 (<Class Picture and Sound) and VHS (with Picture and Sound:)

It was not the best format, which has made the race (similar to Windows has been so synonymous established ... then as now considered outside of "Unbelievable").

Many professional working cameramen are synonymous still quite cautious and rightly skeptical about the höherauflösenden formats. If the customer wants it, we just rented the cameras. Also, it is customary, for HD on Super16mm turn (of Kodak, there is a pure HD Scanfilm of exposure can be very flexible) and then scanning in the desired Resolutionvorzunehmen. This has inter alia the advantage that, if necessary for even higher resolutions up to 2K is armed and dam material can be stored 100 years.

Long story short ... we are waiting for better high-resolution video, until the company ausgetobt have for us and others have taken over the test:)

And next: There is a good second hand market in the magazine "(film & TV) cameraman," the magazine is often the dealer s.Bahnhof there. Since there is sometimes synonymous favorable light suitcase and Tonequipment good (although one is in fairly good www.thomann.de wegkommt ... there are many discussions here in the forum about Mirkofone ... synonymous the house of T. Bones Thomann cut for the price quite well).

Good luck!

Antwort von Maik:

"daniela_" wrote:
The HD editing programs so expensive?

Not only the ...
the cut's computers are.
During each normal editing program today to more or less current
Hardware and stable in more than adequate speed,
requires an HD-cut is more high-end hardware to any unnecessary
to work.
Quite apart of additional hardware like an HD preview monitor
(for the 5000th one alone - Eur output, while a
normal good preview monitor for> 1000 - Buy gets).
Then the question target format: HD-DVD?

Power everything still no real sense ...


Antwort von Maik:

PS: Incidentally, it makes for such a project in my opinion does not make sense
Money in the existing high-end equipment to invest:
which uses the amazing HD cam if Filmprogjekte in group work
and are only one must hold the camera?
Then even more to ensure that sufficient 'toy' is for everybody
(Light, sound, etc.) and learning the whole is greater.
Since it is not so much on it that, then ultimately it is HDV, but
that all have joined :-)

That would at least my approach ...


Antwort von Genorade:

just ...
I see exactly the same way ..
and what should the local stations with HDV material,
it will garnicht can send!
gruß cj

Antwort von TheBubble:

It should be synonymous of you to consider what happens with the project, only once when an existing, but expensive component, breaks down and repaired or renewed must be procured. If no money for a quick replacement is there, everything stands still. This should be spending at the IMO needs to be synonymous, a certain reserve would be optimal.

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