Infoseite // Affordable "live" chromakey - what do I need?

Frage von TheMistress:


So it is this: We have a small green box. Clear vision and we have one with ner HVX200 DVCPRO 4:2:2 compatible with your camcorder.

We have already synonymous many great little clips that we could then rotated keyen perfectly in AfterEffects.

Now, I am researching what I would need to switch to the keying "make live".

- I need the input signal (ie, the Picture of the HVX)
- A background signal which is in the green "gekeyed" is (a picture or a video vonaus a laptop, for example)

- A ... so, how hot the cute little boxes? Video Mixer? A video mixer with Chromakey Fähgikeit?

- And what for outputting the signal, such as an LCD TV, and possibly synonymous nor a recording device.

That is correct so far, right?

What video mixer (if it's for what I know to only teensy-and herschneiden of mixers for various video sources that have never worked with any of the keyen can), what devices the lowest level price, but of course still hold up, is there ?

It need not be a HD, SD is sufficient.

I've been through something of a coincidence of Reflecmedia Ultimatte DV is one and informed me that seems to be almost exactly what I mean ... But as I said, is there perhaps synonymous still good alternatives?

Or maybe you can all run on a specially equipped PC? With video cards, the input and output, and has (S-Video, for example, or perhaps even SDI?) And synonymous a real-time keying allows, ....?

It would be nice if someone could give me as tips.
Thank you! :-)

nadi -


Antwort von robbie:

blackmagic card with sdi buy ... that is free of charge a LiveKey software here.


Antwort von TheMistress:

But, it the Black Magic keyers can still reap no Chroma, right? If I am not mistaken there are only as BU's or Advertisement Channel logo possible .......


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