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some time ago under s.cs3 I had a script that has cut automates the time line and because of the visual information / color information. The tool detected as auto, when a change of image / scene change was present / parameter changes.

In the case of many scenes that you want s.farbwertkorriegieren in, so one saves a lot of work, if this auto detect scene changes and all the same cut (and packed on its own level). Thus, the individual sequences can be corrected accordingly synonymous individually.

Currently I am working on and looking urgently cs4 this tool / script. Does anyone of you an idea?



Antwort von soflow:


a quick search online will help with the correct terms are often wonderful. I have found two scripts that I was looking for.

it is A for "Magnum, the edit detector":

and B seems to be under at the Umstäünden synonymous "split-marker-at" a very good way:

Greetings - hope it helps other synonymous next


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