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Frage von Kyubinoyoko:

Hello dear community.

I wanted to ask again, as I own presets in After Effects text, can create (NOT text animation presets).
These presets will just change the basic settings of the text layer, then color, border color, size, font, etc.

I hope there is in After Effects a possible so to make a preset.
And please note here that I do not use any effects for it, but with the source code would change the presets, because I want to create Untetitel and want to give the characters different subtitle colors, I would make use effects I have to work unständlicher,
since then the color of one keyframe to keyframe 2 changes slowly, but I would like that the color at keyframe 1 is blue and was only achieved when key frame 2, they will turn to red.

Thanks in advance.


Antwort von Mylenium:

"Kyubinoyoko" wrote:
I hope there is in After Effects a possible so to make a preset.

No, there is not. But you would have been writing a script and the synonymous funzt only s.CS5 ...



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