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After Effects 7 - lange Renderzeiten

After Effects 7 - long render times

Frage von Chezus:
Dezember 2006

Search was unsuccessful. Have all (!) Thread in the forum here durchgeschaut (ie the 18 pages about After Effects) and found nothing helpful to me has.

Situation: I have Premiere Pro from a DV AVI clip of 4 minutes long, exports and imports in AE.

3 Effects laid out: granulation, separation time (24fps), and the Reelsmart Motion Blur.

Well, I exported the clip and the Rich has lasted 6 hours. Is this normal? Everything I've exported from AE has had so long, nice and slow it annoying.

I know that motion blur requires much computing power but as long render times are pretty rough.
It can not be a movie that one of my 1 hours until finally after 1 week rendering can view it.

Have a Pentium M with 1 Gb RAM

How long does it take for you?
Do I have something set so that it works correctly?

Thanks for any help

Antwort von Jörg:

that is absolutely realistic. Think about what you're doing exactly Da. So do not worry, passt schon.
For some effect combos you shorten the rendering time by repeated Vorrendern,
Gruß Jörg

Antwort von Chezus:

As I said, it requires much work, I know. But when you consider that 4 seconds of each frame render time, it's a hammer.

That would mean that a 1 hour movie takes about 100 hours to complete to be rendered. How do you show that to save time?
Appetizers rausrendern way or the computer can go through times?

Except Zwischenrendern.

Makes more sense memory? According to the display rendering is only 58% used

Antwort von Jörg:

what other alternatives there are to go through because when?
The most comfortable of course, is the rendering tasks to be distributed more calculator. To format restrictions, of course, the hardware resources, some s.Gehirnschmalz (the workflow is not quite trivial) that is synonymous not feasible for everyone.
If you often such relatively long-term Rendereien you should have on a 2nd Computing nachdenken.Ein Ausserhausjob servant should be synonymous.
More RAM is, of course, never harmful, although in this case primarily the CPU is required.

Antwort von Shiwa:


do yourself a quad-core cpu s.with Nucleo pro and the rendering times are drastically reduced.
If you have at least a dual core and has no money for nucleo pro, you try out this great script!

Antwort von Chezus:

I have until now only with Exporieren worked in After Effects and now tried to render list.

Before I broke my course Slashcam entry through the correct export read. Only I do not get properly be exported video.

No matter what settings. Either there is only picture without sound totally off, or it will only sound.

Whether I have the default settings and Optimal Lossless select Quicktime or Avi, Open GL activate the effects off or occasionally, sound on or off .... Bin s.verzweifeln.

Render results with the Exportierfunktion I've already erziehlt. Since the rendering list, but a lot of variation and range of self is simply better, I want to use it.

What settings do you? What do I simply wrong? It can not be that I am not a reasonable rendering results be bekomm

Antwort von Jörg:

because what can you give tips for when you Robs remarks do not help?
Perhaps your project is already strange set.
Just take a PAL preset for your project, your effects Bastel in the use and render a simple list of preset for export such as: -> arrow next to Output Modules -> Microsoft DV PAL 48 kHz, now it should run.

Antwort von Chezus:

I try again a little rum. It is just a little frustrating when you wait on the results and it comes easy and no real result established

Antwort von Jörg:

osscript to the "early bird" Guest. The very best part actually does something more than basic but should the user already exist. 40 to 50% rendering time savings are loose inside.
Gruß Jörg

Antwort von Chezus:

Initially, I must at all times a decent result. And my money is synonymous limited, so I can not YET DualCore purchase. When you consider that I have everything what I Money Orders and by smaller side've saved in a PD 150 and 2 (not exactly cheap) Adobe Programs've made ....

The hole in the budget must first be filled again, and while rendering in AE just does not work is not synonymous come.

With Premiere Pro komm ich super deal. Rendering results are top, and are synonymous fast. I just thought that After Effects on the field is simply a pro, just seems to me somehow nice to slow the desire to pass.

Antwort von Shiwa:

40 to 50% rendering time savings are loose inside.

Well, since I do not promise too much.

Greetings from the breakfast host

Antwort von Jörg:

You have to be synonymous nothing extra to buy, it is your idea of AE's right, the program may have a lot, but the user should be s.der keyboard perform adequate benefits, and that you will soon synonymous, a lot of learning-readiness, however, you must already invest.

Antwort von Shiwa:

lots of learning-readiness, however, you have already invested.

and it is not for hours or days, it takes months, even
years ....

Antwort von Shiwa:

40 to 50% rendering time savings are loose inside.

Pc jörg with what? dual core?

Antwort von Jörg:

with a stinknormalen Oldie: P4 3:06, by the AE script performs the calculations on both "cores" with. At times the Comparison Sysmonitor can run.
Who has real Duale has more instances are holding free, which increases the speed of course, next.

Antwort von Chezus:

I already know a lot of time that you should invest, and I do synonymous. Not for nothing, I sometimes sitting up in the morning in front of the computer and try rum.

When Adobe programs need to be longer so easy to employ not only s.der surface scratching. Whether Photoshop, Premiere or After Effects.

You can make a cake next refine always synonymous, but if the cake after the 20th times still bake shit tastes, passing one's desire s.essen. What to do? A recipe that a search on the right track brings, so that the cake is edible at least. Not for nothing tastes the cake of Grandma s.besten. Finally, they're synonymous 45 years off rumgefeilt.

I am in any case more of the self is not on "recipes" but leaves rumprobiert. But such a desire for help, I had long ceased.

Especially me because I can not explain. Next rendering process has already started

Antwort von Uwe:

"Anonymous" wrote:
lots of learning-readiness, however, you have already invested.

and it is not for hours or days, it takes months, even
years ....

Yes, it takes a long time until it has learned some AE. But it must not be synonymous under the misconception that the bypass with the program ever has in mind completely.

I am often times with Ae professionals here in HH entertained. And all through the bank said in about the same. One or twice the fundamental with a good workshop software (Total Training, video2brain) durchackern ... Then comes the A + O => it as a good lawyer to make (it is not all paragraphs have in mind) => a fast-working system of:

- Links, workshops, tutorials, self written records ........... on which to focus fast + can access .............

There are a few brilliant exceptions appearances on the world that can claim this program to completely dominate - so maybe people like Brian Maffitt, Steve Holmes, Aharon Rabinowitz ...

But most others, such a claim, are easily "angeknackste" busybody .....

So, do not try all of AE to be able to. It will not work. The possibilities are simply too diverse. If you think this area has now one thing, and works a few months but not so, there is usually no longer sure exactly how it works.

So do not be discouraged ......

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