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Frage von Drunken Cutter:

Hi folks,

I have a video in After FX with the Film Damage plug-in processes to make this a 70's, will look.

Now I would like to simulate it of an old film projector is playing. These images will always run away quickly to the top and then back into the right speed to catch them.

Can someone tell me whether this simulation with any plug-in to achieve? And if so with what parameters I can change this.

Dak many times already s.den wise head maybe I can help!


Antwort von Galvanes:

Do exactly the same times used ... sowas is a great and easy with a few keyframes themselves.

Since a bit creative and sit with the programs apart as always with plug ins to work, I work clearly synonymous with them. There are so synonymous good, but I try as much as it is to make yourself. AE is a powerful program to be everything that I can make of themselves.

Then it is synonymous get some cheap program ...


Antwort von Drunken Cutter:

Thanks for your post. That this somewhat synonymous with keyframes is already clear to me, but I'm looking for the way a plug in and no instruction.

Anybody who has a recommendation?


Antwort von prem:

hmm, drunken cutter,
if names contribs explain ..... OK, still not teaching: Have yourself!
Explain why at least a plugin to help, if with KF simple and fast geht.Die task is simply to act, you should Beginners to ask how it geht.Hast much money you paid for the program without compromising the ability auszureizen?
Plugins for no reason .... I think only unimaginative.
instructive Grüße Jörg


Antwort von Markus:

"Drunken Cutter" wrote: Now I would like to simulate it of an old film projector is playing.
Look at Digieffects Cinelook at times. In order to get a looping of the film (broken wg. perforation) command. Also, the severity of the damage. ;-)


Antwort von Maki:

Hi Prem,

I am Beginners and would like a short instructions how the projector speed to achieve ..
Thanks & Happy New Year ..



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