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After Effects CS 4 Überblendung, Hilfe!!!

After Effects CS 4 crossfade, Help!

Frage von charletto:
Januar 2009

Welcome to the forum
I'm new here so highly praised in the forum and hope to here but competent help for one or another problem. I film in HDV recently with the FX 1 and have now Adobe After Effects CS 4 will, unfortunately, I know this is not very good and would like to ask, as I have a simple crossfade between two layers hinbekommen - wanted in a video clip Still image with a text can be displayed. How can I explain the s.einfachsten ????? I hope you are not angry that my first posting is a bit simplistic, but my friend wanted a video with a surprise and therefore just asked here. We found much of the forum belongs here and hope for your help.

Thank you very much

Antwort von Bespi:

on a simple glare you get in any program cut out faster than in after effects.

in after effects you can find under the classic fade effects - fade. it makes no sense, but only after effects are to be used.

Antwort von charletto:

in the manual did you ever geguckt?

Antwort von aramoana:

Habich synonymous, but it is not easy to fade, perhaps with its animation presentation may spice it up - I like it with the title of the video made.

Antwort von Axel:

Is "charletto now Claudia, Charly or Aramoana? Seems to me that multiple people in various levels of composition, which not only keyframes by the opacity, but equally synonymous change their gender. Bizarre.

Antwort von aramoana:

"Axel" wrote:
Is "charletto now Claudia, Charly or Aramoana? Seems to me that multiple people in various levels of composition, which not only keyframes by the opacity, but equally synonymous change their gender. Bizarre.

Understand the question or answer is not quite, who should I be?
Slightly puzzled Claudia

Antwort von Axel:

"aramoana" wrote:
Understand the question or answer is not quite, who should I be?

No clue. You signierst charlettos first posting with "Claudia," then reply to you, with same nickname "Charlie" (the friend that you wanted to surprise or an alter ego?), And finally the new name appears on aramoana.
"aramoana" wrote:
Slightly puzzled Claudia

Regardless, it's how Bespi writes: One can each crossfade editing program, cars. Elegant and soft looks of course, from manual, rather than linear with Bezier Deckkraftänderung. But can the synonymous NLEs. Otherwise, the procedure in my post above.

Antwort von aramoana:

Hi, with the name I can not understand, my friend called Mike, but no preference now!
So, I've got a short video clip is imported into After Effects and now wanted a finished text file in Jpeg format with a small side effect can occur. Is not really a big campaign, but how can I connect the two levels, the animation is running. For me there is always only one or the other to see, when applied crossfade instead of the video clip appears only on black background picture?


Antwort von Jörg:

after effects has ten thousand perceived as a preset text animations available. Look at the bridge under s.was animate it is offered, apply the effect to modify it as desired, finished.
The text layer is transparent, it must lie above the clipebene.

Antwort von Axel:

"aramoana" wrote:
For me there is always only one or the other to see ...

Info thin, so fish in the murky: Basically you need at the beginning of a "New Composition" create (> Help AAE). Here you have the length of the synonymous animation indicate otherwise is suddenly closing. In this you first pull the video clip (lower level, small timeline) and then, about the Jpeg. Below the top face (in normal mode). A jpeg has no alpha channel, so you should be writing in Photoshop before transparency have made use of the nix, it's the complete table with the background in it. Therefore, either. Psd save or equal to the Articles in After Effects make.

You change the opacity by clicking on the arrow ">" next to the icon of the respective level left of the timeline. For the "opacity" by clicking on the "pocket" - Icons keyframes (at corresponding positions of the Play Heads) and then set the opacity values in percentage regulate.

If you now as a novice can leave you as Savant test. After Effects does not fit on a Slashcam cheat sheet!

Antwort von aramoana:


with the creation of the new composition, etc. is all done, only the text is written inside a heart and the whole is a ready Jpeg Still Image. This I wanted to shrink the video clip can come in, there is so synonymous such animation templates. So no text effect (which I've been wonderful in the title hingekriegt) but only the 2nd I Level in the video can occur. All text effects or the writing goes well. The flat nmit the video shows, I open a new text layer - this is so transparent and I write the text into it and simply can then animate ...
But beiom Picture klappt das ja unfortunately not in a form?
Thanks for the help

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Do you have the possibility to vectorize the heart?

Antwort von aramoana:

Belief, that I manage, but ultimately I wanted to so, if I succeed, synonymous throughout the clips s.and some pictures to show times can be ... yes, I question how I define the different levels with each other can fade ?


Antwort von Axel:

If you have a rotund heart on a rectangular Jpeg hast, wilt thou be the first course optional ( "Cut"). Even if you do not have Photoshop, or it is not mastered, it's no problem.

Is the background of the JPEG simply white or black, should already have a (> Help) layer transfer mode range. Better (and easier to scale) would be the cropping with the> pen.

Time to try to help, next try. From the A-and fade with opacity, we had spoken, the animation of the flying heart (in coverage, stricken wedding film!) Also goes on keyframes (Help). It's about as good as anything on keyframes, so this is the most important lesson.
I hope Mike does not come in an hour at home, and until then the film must be ready ...

Antwort von Shiranai:

Why vectorize? / exempt?
Your main problem is the image of the group and now come here with the very different things.

You can check the level with the heart simply with keyframes influence. That is, if the heart s.Anfang in small and appear to be larger then be set for you s.Anfang the opacity a keyframe and set the value to 0, then a little later another keyframe with the value 100 After Effects then calculates the intermediate images.
Just does it synonymous with the size, you set up a keyframe with scaling to 20% s.den beginning and a few seconds later with 100% scaling

Antwort von aramoana:

Thank you so roughly, I had presented to me synonymous only with me, if I scale, the HG is always black and unfortunately not the video - so yes the whole synonymous ???????


Antwort von Axel:

"aramoana" wrote:
... just for me, if I scale, the HG is always black and unfortunately not the video - so yes the whole synonymous ???????

Now begins the rates. What is black? Digital Nothing? If the heart is not exactly synonymous Jpeg your FX-1 video, it seems the space by:> Check whether the positions of the timelines and agree whether the two levels of exactly the same length.
When the heart is on a black background was, but it has something with cropping to do. Can you perhaps take a screenshot of your timeline, make and attach as an attachment (> Forum Help)?

Antwort von Shiranai:

Hmm maybe you have to take a screenshot (Druck/S-Abf- button on the keyboard and then in Windows Paint, click Edit, Paste), so that we know what is meant.
As a general tip I could give you now say no more than maybe once again at the beginning of - maybe you made a mistake somewhere (draufgelegt Effect or something with the keyframes).

Antwort von aramoana:

sorry, had no time to register. Problem was, thanks to help from the forum solved! Thank you Shiranei

Antwort von Debonnaire:

The text file in JPG format "can not logically contribute transparency. It is therefore probably an example of white text against a black background appears. So if you of a video clip on this text-JPG überblendest, it seems the video clip of course by no longer and you have just black text!

You have to be either the text in After Effects to create (probably the best and most logical solution), so he is free. Then you can all so do what you want, and the background to show through IS!

Or you create the text in Photoshop before and Transparent exportierst him as either a PNG or GIF file with transparency, or, better still, directly importierst the Photoshop file into After Effects.

Then klappts!

But: So simple as your overall project will therefore, you should see it anyway right in the editing program to make. AE is likely to be a merciless and, as Figure A shows, hard to master Overkill!

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