Infoseite // After Effects CS5 and OpenGL - such as a shoe out of it?

Frage von soan:


I currently have an annoying problem and hope to Council

When I render projects with OpenGL support (; animated camera, footage, images, lights, particles, etc) they will still be rendered out fix (; had ne used Quadro FX 4600 in the Calculator - according to Adobe really does not matter what potters there for ne GraKa but the was cheap), but always in "Draft" quality, that is useless.

The settings in the output modules are ignored, no preference whether I choose "best", "Current Settings" and so on. When I use the Project without OpenGL support rendere program that takes 6 hours, but the quality is optimal. I must be off in the preferences AND in output module openGL, or is immediately rendered out with Draft. My Preferences GraKa revealed support open GL 3 and all modes listed.

What's going on? If the FX 4600 supports only rudimentary, the OpenGL blame or After Effects? Grandad ...


Antwort von matthias321:

I Have A Good to have you read in another thread that OpenGL like to lead to loss of quality - but so drastically ...?


Antwort von Tuffy:

... Is not the synonymous tend to work in AE, and not intended to render?


Antwort von Jörg:

OpenGL is a "preview using" but denied there like synonymous.
To export it is turned off, hardcore OpenGL in AE from the first set in the preferences ...;-)


Antwort von soan:


I have but have often experienced differently. I have worked many years with OpenGL support (older versions of AE) and there are benefits from it. The rendering was fixed and the quality was great.

I work a lot with AE at the moment, there is the difference "with OpenGL rendering time 20min <-> actually" without OpenGL rendering time 6 hours "absolutely unacceptable.

I have heard nothing nir the AE in output module has to look - for now remains for me but nothing else Left * grumble *.

I remain s.Ball and will report ...


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