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Frage von envi:

Hey guys, since I format my Calculator. and AE have re-installed on it now have the update of seltsamme Fehlernach cs4 come to CS5. One of them is that every 4 seconds the program. Everything then stops for 2 seconds then it'll next. I had not before.

I7 4.1 GHz

My Open GL setting ...

Adaptive Resolution Limit: 1 / 4
Enable Open GL: an
Effects Using OpenGL blow pssible Accelerate): an
Enable Adaptive resolution with Open GL: an

Here is my setting Ouput

Segment Sequences At: 1014 Files
In video-only movie file At: 446MB

When set to Media & Disk Cache I have the stand.

Disk Cache: on
Maximum Disk Cache Size: 6252MB
XMP: Off

Now comes memory and multiprocessing

Available RAM: 6GB
RAM reserved for other application: 1.5 GB (which is minimum)
Ram available for AE: 4.5 GB
Render armadillo Simulaneously frames: an
Installed CPUs: 8 cores at
CPU reserves for ohter application: 0 CPUs
RAM allocation per CPU Background: 3GB (minimum 0.75)
Actual CPU that will be using: 0

If someone knows it please help me .. These are my derzeitgen settings. Or should I install AE vielleic ht on a different drive?


Antwort von Mylenium:

"Envie" wrote: Or should I install AE vielleic ht on a different drive?

And what would cause this? The solution to bite you but straight into the nose:

"Envie" wrote:

My Open GL setting ...

AE funzt synonymous fine without it. The symptoms are pretty clear: Your graphics drivers will s.and lubricated constantly. Can the drivers be themselves, can be any setting may be different drivers, the sparks between them.



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