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Frage von fleshmann:


A bas-relief in AE and I have made a final color determination. All for a good 18 hours now renders synonymous and need again the same time to complete. I will have gotten used to that now well-ding, but I was struck by the very fact that AE uses up to 50% of the CPU, the remaining capacity is then s.den idle process .. Since the rendering process is running mainly on the CPU, should all but synonymous go faster, I could move AE to use the full CPU power to ..
I have a single P4 with HyperThreading 3.2 - it may be that this AE can not properly use and therefore relies solely on half power? The tutorial on this Page says about it at all?
Has anyone experience / tips?

Thanks and greetings


Antwort von camworks:

mach doch mal the slashcam ae-benchmark with and look at the list, whether you in your computer for FIELD decent lie.


Antwort von fleshmann:

tag again,
have a look at your council and followed with 725 probably lies sec in average. halt is quite lame without openGL acceleration through the vga card and a single-cpu system.

The fact that aftereffects do not render to operate in a cpu load of excess 5ß%, still makes me suspicious.

Perhaps someone can explain?

In any case, many greetings


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