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Frage von drate:

Hello Slashcamforum,

I have some technical questions about the draw of Bink / BIK files from After Effects.
I have a number of fairly large HD videos in After Effects and edit as Binkdatei


My previous workflow was an H264 Quicktime-file to create and then by Bink (Wheel

Video Tools) to convert.
Both take very long.

Therefore, some questions:

- Can you have a job and somehow omit step directly from AF Binkdateien export?

- Is faster AF with uncompressed material? So it is a simply a time saving

(huge) video export without compression and with compression can Bink?
Or. I compress 2x only 1x something needs to be compressed?

Thanks for any tips or advice.


Antwort von Mylenium:

Can not say as a flat rate. If you have many effects, the compression in comparison to then a small proportion. That would exceed the weight if you really do nothing else except the films zusammenzuwürfeln or just simple things like text or something. Bink directly from AE is definitely not. If, then only on the AVI container (as with AVI CoDec Bink) and then into the RAD tools and entknoten in a native stream transform. For direct output ÅËÏÔ would you have a plugin for AE verklickern to what it should do which of course does not exist.



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