Infoseite // After Effects is from the movie instead of 16:9 in 4:3: (

Frage von meadow__:


I looked in the forum, found similar items, but none of the really helped me. I hope I have not skipped ...

It is this:

I want to render a movie from After Effects CS4, which is invested in the program in 16:9 and is synonymous represented Sun
I render it and watch me. Mov but it always 4:3.
In After Effects I've tried in the render settings have different things ... you read my thread = it was unsuccessful.

For helpful hints, I would be extremely grateful:)


Antwort von srone:

16:9 which means for you as a dv or hd? namely, here comes the factor of the pixel aspect ratio into the game, when in hd dv 1,44:1 1:1.




Antwort von meadow__:

thank you for answering your late night.
I recorded the film as a dv.
is my first, attached notes.

nice greetings


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