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Frage von Lord_of_Wolfs:


I hope you can help me after I have been but for hours on the internet for a solution to my problem had sought, but could find nothing. Here my problem:
I'm going to get in the near future to buy a new calculator on the synonymous After Effects (CS3) animations should be created.
The piece is good as far as synonymous already put together, just the processor, I am still uncertain. One always hears that quad for video editing are worth gold, but this is always synonymous only to the rendering times for Export. I, however, it is absolutely no preference as to whether or After Effects or Premiere 30min renders 3 hours, which usually occurs at night while I sleep.
Much more important is for me vsdie After Effects preview (ie the green bar s.der timeline), I quickly calculated wants. Therefore, for me now to the question whether a lower quad (eg 4 * 2.4 GHz) high Dual Core (2 * 3.2 GHz) suggests. As I said: This refers exclusively to the Live Preview.

I just hope now to your rich experience and think you can help me.


Antwort von M-Kult:

Edit / / Given below is the right place!


Antwort von Debonnaire:

To view a preview to render, so the bar green to make the processor, the main computational load cope. How fast this happens and how quickly the final output rendering is done, is directly proportional. So if you a quick preview kriegst RAM, you will be synonymous get a quick final output.

The RAM is not responsible for how fast the preview appears, but how many seconds preview created and can be accused (RAM is faster eh umpteen times in the recording of the rendered image than the processor can deliver!)! But much RAM you can preview several seconds at the same time provide for a little RAM. Logical! RAM acts as a (volatile) memory pool for the preview images.

Look at times the green bar area with a long clip in if you are for the entire clip a RAM preview it: he swells to a certain length s.and then moves consistently round s.Stück backward. The length represents the quantity s.Filmbildern, present in the available free RAM part could be written. Since you've requested that more films will be rendered as a RAM space is available, goes AU after the FIFO principle (First In, First Out) and moves the bar of the next rendered frame. You've always eg 12 seconds for video rendering, but not always the same 12 seconds!

The processor, possibly in combination with the GPU on the graphics card, is the main bottleneck for a (quick) Preview creation! So, I hold the question whether any AE incorporated all processor cores simultaneously employ, or whether with a quad maybe two of the Prozkis not be addressed. For this you need to AE googlemässig make himself smart. Premiere Pro CS3 and Photoshop CS3, I know that, unfortunately, only two Prozkis used. AI could be smarter and be a quad full show, but I am not very optimistic.

In each case the faster the CPU, the faster the preview! A faster dual-core could be your AE can be quite faster than a slower quad Clocked, which has yet to stand would be more expensive!


Antwort von Lord_of_Wolfs:

Wow, thank you for the long answer.

At the RAM size should not lie, which is already with a maximum of 8GB possible.

Where it is now only the question whether a quad as AE auslastet, such as a duo. If I, however, the benchmark used AE, really, therefore, carries no way s.Quad over.


Antwort von Jörg:

Quote: leads thus no way s.Quad really gone.

it is!


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