Infoseite // After authoring with TMPGEnc DVD Author does not sound a lot more

Frage von MegaCastro:

I've taken my basketball playing some third of. did this. avi with tmpgenc in. mpeg2 converted and if I now
burn svcd synonymous as everything goes well! (1 thirds per cd)
I would have liked me but then created a dvd with more thirds, so I got the dvd patcher with the header of 480 set to 720, then the files in the tmpgenc-dvd-author and charged me a menu created
It all super looked! ... And then when I fertiggebrannt in my dvd player put everything works perfectly - but I have not got a ton!
what I find very funny because in the sections set in the author of the chapter where you can, because everything is still running flawlessly with ton.
I somehow lose the tone between authoring and burn!

anyone here has tips for me? would be very grateful!


ps.: everything else works perfectly, I am totally smitten of the menus, etc.


Antwort von Stefan:

If the sound at 44.1 kHz sampling rate might SVCD and the DVD is expected to 48 kHz sampling rate? Some DVD players are finicky as well, and keep DVD standard s.den ... Then you need to resample the audio portion (eg with BeSweet TO)

Good luck
The fat Stefan


Antwort von MegaCastro:

thx! to which I have not pay any attention to be honest! will verify the same time and then I hope it works!


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