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Frage von Cr3yodin:

so, I have now with my Panasonic HDC-SD5 in the garden a few test shots done. I was so synonymous quite satisfied, and so synonymous Premiere Pro CS3 which is synonymous with this, I am there with "Total Video Converter" to AVI conversion. In the Player, the quality is already now a lot worse, what bothers me is, but I find no other way MTS files in Premiere to get inside, except with MainConcept, but always where the disturbing MainConcept logo can be seen, but what should I do? Well, in WMP, it is still beautifully displayed in 16:9. Now beautiful imported into Premiere, and what is it? He makes it easy 4:3 and everything is drawn into the Height! But I have a 16:9 Pal Project selected! Why? And if I have the video "back in the form of" wishes, but it increases my whole video, instead of just the Height zb to make bigger.
Somehow I have since Christmas only problems with this camera, but I do not by a HDV-camera cassettes to replace because she was not so cheap. And not only that it is 4:3, the sound is still synonymous away, although it appears in the converted file is still there (in WMP)!
Can I somehow eliminate these problems?
Although I have a cassette s.liebsten Camera would pick, but not what I want to make me because the 900 euros for the HD camera was too expensive.



Antwort von david2:

Da mach 'but simply a right mouse click on material -> interpret footage -> match (1.422) set.


Antwort von Cr3yodin:

"david2" wrote: Da mach 'but simply a right mouse click on material -> interpret footage -> match (1.422) set.
thanks, worked:)
I'm still fairly inexperienced in the topic, Adobe Premiere ...
Now I would only know how I sound reinbekomme ...


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