Infoseite // After rendering some effects are missing in CS5!

Frage von Trollie:


I'm having problems with after effects rendering. In the AE-preview and all OK after the render has some effects simply gone: (
Am I possibly something in the making of false or because I have a bigger problem?

Look at them a note about the two comparison videos your s.damit just to have a Picture. These are in very low quality, it should serve only for j synonymous view of the problem.

Here are the videos: We open a new browser window in which the video like Youtube for example is to look at!

First direct view - sevenload - Direct View in Adobe After Effects CS5



Antwort von Mylenium:

you render it with OpenGL and brings Deien GrKa's non Layer Styles you or any spark between them, because they interfere with the 3D.



Antwort von Trollie:

So the graphics card will not be because I have the Radeon 5870th
Possibly. the problem with the layers, but since I do not know how I should release.

<A href = "http://"> Here </ a> you have the project file to load the possibility.

Perhaps this helps a little next to the construction of me understand.
Thanks for your answer Mylenium:)

Greeting Trollie


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