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Alternative für ne billige TV-Karte zum digitalisieren

Alternative ne cheap TV card for the digitizer

Frage von 14866:
April 2009


I currently play on analog video cassettes with a very cheap TV card.

Record as AVI is no problem.
Record as MPG2 sometimes makes problems.

I would like to see now a very good or good (the price thing;) to purchase alternative.
OnBoard One solution I would prefer, or FireWire.
USB namely Technically I'm already "overloaded".

Danke schon mal für eure Hilfe!

PS If it is relevant, my PC is not entirely new, but still ok:
Intel Core 2 with 1.87 GHz
And I'm working with Pinnacle Studio plus 9:43.

Antwort von thos-berlin:

For the dubbing of an analogue material to a PC is an AD converter of choice. But only after he converts DV via firewire, and will s.den PC.

The scanned files are DV-AVI and software must be converted to MPEG. The Einleisen creates your PC is still synonymous. The conversion after MPRG solltestDu over night rather then make ;-)

(I make synonymous)

Antwort von 14866:

So when I now (with TV card) record as an AVI, then I need for about 1 STD Video - 2 hours to render (DVD).

What kind of AD converter would you recommend?

Antwort von JMS Productions:

Hi 14866,

To quickly see, or rather, you write back;)

The story with the digital converter and which would lend itself well to your 3000 VHS tapes (or how many there were) to digitizer, we still have in your other thread already discussed. I advise you to continue to ADVC-300, due to additional Picture-and Tonoptimierungsfunktionen ...

"14866" wrote:

I would like to see now a very good or good alternative to purchase.

That speaks well for a high-quality analog-digital converter of Canopus.

Antwort von 14866:

Yes, so fast it can go;)

So the additional Picture-and Tonoptimierungsfunktionen I can verzhichten.
Because the settings should be determined before or during the recording made. What is of course not, because I will not always at each recording before sitting ... :)

Antwort von JMS Productions:

"14866" wrote:

So the additional Picture-and Tonoptimierungsfunktionen I can verzhichten.
Because the settings should be determined before or during the recording made.

Well, you can use these settings synonymous before recording and then adjust these settings, with all your tapes capture. Since not every tape, but equally well to expire, it would be useful (it), these settings for each tape to be taken. Since you obviously do not want this, you need the ADVC-300 seems not.
Then I advise you one step untendran access: The ADVC-110. Of these settings has not, but is otherwise the same high quality as his successor 300th

See (again) this link:

"14866" wrote:
for I will not always at each recording before sitting ... :)

That would (should) I would really advise synonymous if you do not like to hear them. But only by you individually check each tape, you get to the final optimal results. Sure, the bands at 3000 an irritating thing, but you can not expect that all your tapes equally well (equally bad) will behave. That will not happen. You will be (if you did not want to sit permanently from) loss of quality (a la dropouts, etc?) In the purchase must take.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Pinnacle Studio Deluxe - is a PCI card with breakout box and fit well.

Antwort von 14866:


I see already, you do your thinking before you write! I find that sometimes very nice:)

But in the case is not about the large quantity of VHS, but simply for the "other normal things. And I always wanted to out my provisional Cheap-TV-card solution to get rid of. **

Corrections prior to or during the recordings, I really do not want, because sometimes I have to what a middle-switch. And I really do not like:) And if it must look, then I can be retrofitted so synonymous nor do;)

@ B. DeKid

After exactly what I wanted! :)
And you can do it with good conscience recommend also. This is very good!
Can you so synonymous record real-time MPG?

** PS Merkt euch: nothing lasts longer than temporary! :)))

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Can I never do.

I take in the best quality on down and let then expected.

B. DeKid

Antwort von 14866:

I somehow do not think the eBäy.
Only with a used Pinnacle Studio version 9 (!).

Can help me with search?

Thank you! :)

Pinnacle, it would of course not bad!

Antwort von 14866:

I glabue here it is, right?

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Ebay link Very Please


Antwort von 14866:

Thank you for your support!

Your link is good, but with 2 "but":
- It is with Studio 9 plus -> I have already: (
- It is used -> new I would very much prefer

How is it with my link up next?
That is exactly the same part, or?!
Just as with Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate.
Or I verkuckt?

Antwort von B.DeKid:

ASO - Cool - I did not have the link - is probably a successor

Studio 12 supports HDV synonymous times I think otherwise the components are actually the same.

Yes that is clear when the new thing is why not

I find holding the PCI variant BreakOut Box sehr geil.

So I am now überfragt - if you like of course synonymous with a new studio version clearly need buy a new thing but I never use the studio but then Virtualdub or even been a few years first.

B. DeKid

Antwort von 14866:

I find holding the PCI variant BreakOut Box sehr geil.

Synonymous, I think that there is a very good alternative for my 5 years old 29,99 Euro TV card is;)

I work has been almost 5 years with Pinnacle.
I'm very happy with it. I need it mainly just to cut, for easy dubbing and transition effects.
Sure, and then as a DVD to burn.

I have the thing, even for only 147.70 Euros seen:)

Antwort von 14866:

If someone is interested in more precise, here the manufacturer Description:

http://www.pinnaclesys.com/PublicSite/de/Products/Consumer + Products / Home + Video / Studio + Family / Studio Movie Board + + Ultimate + version +12. htm

Antwort von B.DeKid:

HERE - just so NEN Tip / Note incidentally - I've tried really good cable so the thing to consider without this (the BreakOutBox) to hold, because I would go to the Front panel cover demolished :-(;

NEN then had to solder on new friend - was annoying but not a broken leg ;-)

B. DeKid

Antwort von 14866:

Cool, thanks for the tip;)

I think I will like me a new board with CPU, etc. for sale.

Oh, can someone an ASUS P5B-VM board with Intel Core 2 (6300) 1.87 GHz, 2GB RAM and 512MB ATI Radeon X550 graphics card need?
And the other one or 500GB hard drive?

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