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Frage von cebros:


I did two years ago made the mistake that I have upgraded to the CS3 PPro of Production Premium.

Since I need a way to edit in the future of AVCHD, is not enough PPro CS3. The other applications of the suite I rarely need CS3 and here goes a long time. Unfortunately, an upgrade of PPro is not only possible:

Quote: The upgrade of Adobe provisions state that can be carried out of a single product to a suite upgrade, but not the other way around.

An upgrade of the original version is not possible, since this was already used for an upgrade.

Since I have no desire to add scroll for all time for each upgrade EUR 1200 I'm on the search for an alternative.

I know now what it on the market so there (is indeed quite small), but I consider it important that the change is not too painful failure.

My requirements
- Similar to workflow and handling for simple cut and efficient audio editing
- Surface is not for a former PPro users get used to too
- AVCHD good performance (high-performance hardware available)
- Priced at full version of PPro (otherwise I could even just buy new PPro)

For tips I would be very grateful!


Antwort von camworks:

Edius. You suck the trial and echecks performance with AVCHD on your system.

There's something underneath Edius Neo (about the difference as Premiere Elements Premiere Pro).


Antwort von motiongroup:

I made the change of Edius 5:51 to Magix Prox3 and must say good decision. ....
Try your s.der 30 days. Trial ...


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Quote: Since I need a way to edit in the future of AVCHD, is not enough PPro CS3.

Why is not sufficient?
CS3 only have to be retrofitted with the lack of MainConcept codec, or for example with Super of the AVCHD clips to convert a CS3 usable footage.

I work at W7-64 with P-Pro CS3 to prepare an i7-870 PC-Calculator and the new video formats as me no problems.


Antwort von cebros:

Thank you for your answers!

@ Camworks

Edius is certainly a real alternative, but it is priced approaching s.einen initial purchase of PPro. I would therefore offer significant advantages that the exchange and the worth relearning.

@ Motion group

Prox3 I'm going to take a closer look at each case

@ Peter Bruno

Good idea! Because I have not thought of. That will probably be the solution for the moment. Sooner or later, however, an upgrade is probably inevitable, then the question again.


Antwort von Alf_300:

Look at the Trial of the Premiere Moyea Importer of


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