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Analoges Filmmaterial Hi lässt sich nicht ruckelfrei aufnehmen

Analog Hi footage is not possible to smoothly absorb

Frage von Tinchen:
Juni 2006

In order to digitize my analog Hi 8 material, I have bought a MEDION TV card (Phillips-Chip).
With the original software power VCRII can but unfortunately, only until smooth MPG 1 take pictures (2,000 kbps 29.9700 FPS, Video 320 x 240). Shots in better quality modes are slightly choppy to rough stuttering.
In NERO the map even in SVCD mode without having to take jerk, but without sound. The audio features are grayed out and you can not click, as it should be (Sound on board). 'm Almost desperate because the sound is heard over the loudspeaker. All Connections (line in, etc.) are reviewed and 1000 times and tried out varies. Strangely NERO takes in film editing mode, where sound can be recorded separately, on these synonymous. But this use is nothing without video image :-(
If the card is crap?
If the Calculator scrap?
New software must be ran?

My calculator does not have Win 98, a 64-bit Athlon 3200 + processor, 512MB of RAM and a fast board ne 7200 RPM hard drive, but should be enough??

I support :-) Thanks for any mental


Antwort von Erich:

The TV card I can not say anything.
What is striking at the data is the 29.97 FPS. That the frame rate of NTSC. PAL 25 frames per second must be chosen.
The other values are for NTSC. It is therefore also performed a standard conversion.
MPEGI should be chosen only when the target is a VCD. For a DVD MPEGII is required.
The card supports the DV codec? The format can be generally easier to distinguish. For the DVD must be coded by the cut back to MPEG. However, the results speak for this route.

Antwort von steveb:

about what kind of connection, analogue material is the eingespeisst?

Antwort von Tinchen:


I have an RCA cable of the video camera goes into Chich) TVKarteneingang pure (composite. Have tried it but synonymous views on SVideoeingang - without success :-)

Antwort von Tinchen:

Whether the DV codec is supported, I can not say unfortunately. Will try it once with 25 FPS, I can adjust. The highest quality of the input device is Hi8, where I recorded material with which it would not deteriorate.

Thanks and love greetings Tino

Antwort von steveb:

Did you often synonymous random crashes or something similar?

If so, I would look at me, Your IRQ erstmal situation. Share Torrent may be audio / graphics card / TV.Karte equal IRQ. This can cause problems with schonmal themselves. Actually, the hardware should be sufficient. As the background tasks look like? Anti-virus programs, etc.?

Antwort von steveb:

Even with two Paralellpostings you get your problem solved faster ...


lead times can someone together?

Antwort von wolfgang:

I do not know the card, will assume nothing. But the way over mepg1 and even lower Resolutionist considerable scrap.

It is better if you use an external a / d Wandlerbox, such as boxes of ADS, the pyro a / v link, or better yet of Canopus:


Thus we captured in full Resolution720x576 PAL DV.

A cheaper solution would be the capturing of the analog input of a digital camcorder, if any, also to DV.

Antwort von Tinchen:


Paralellposting is rather the inability on my part. If one with (56 k modem was not even as fast) is the thing breaks off and then re-upload after endless minutes, then it can happen.

Thanks for the tip with a digital camcorder. If I stay so get a thing in my fingers, I'll try next.
Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea of the video technology. Although bin amateur photographer, but once the pictures are moving, well ..... :-)
Proceeding from what resolution recording format because I would have if I Of Hi 8 dub, so I do not qualitatively deteriorating?
My Nero takes up so smoothly, but just no sound, although in line is so connected and the sound is synonymous heard over loudspeakers.

But the towel would probably be heul * * Is this AV / DV card Pinnacle Of what?

Regards Tino

Antwort von beiti:

Proceeding from what resolution recording format because I would have if I Of Hi 8 dub, so I do not qualitatively deteriorating?
Digital PAL video in DV format, or on regular DVDs is always 720 x 576 pixels tall, so far is not your choice in size. :)

TV is your card for this purpose in any case, scrap, which should now be clear.

You have the usual 3 ways to get the material into the calculator to:
- Play the tapes with a suitable D8 camcorders
- Play with Hi8 camcorder and digitize with AD Wandlerbox
- Play with Hi8 camcorder DV camcorder and digitize over with Analog-In

The material is in DV-AVI format on your calculator and you can let it encode for example, in MPEG2 (DVD).

Antwort von coconut:

Come to me all very familiar:)
I describe to you once, as I have "made back then."
You'll get first the Virtual VCR (freeware, just google time).
If you have this installed, you can help your videos to include in a very useful quality. With sound ....
When recording, I used the 720x576 size. Hi8 is not the format, but is very convenient for processing into a CD or DVD.
Importantly, the individual settings.
If the program is started, an icon located top left corner with a hammer. There you click on it and will reach) so the settings (the new small window.
Under File type determines where the movie file will be saved.
Under hook and share video in customer settings. Then set the frame size to 720x576. Frame rate to 25.000
Then use compression hook set. Get thee from the Internet to Huffyuv v2.2.0 codec. Is freeware and a lossless codec, but not badly compressed.
Under omit filter: you can for now.
The first setting under Audio Input. There, choose Line In. Then select the desired settings (Res.16, Frequ.44, 1, Stereo ... for example)
Under AV sync audio resampling to: 100,0000%
You can stop taking a time limit, or define the least free to permanent Festspeicherplatz.
Under View: The top two boxes each equipped with a hook.
Under Devices: Video card for your TV to select your sound card for audio. Under source should be VideoSVideo. But this only works if the TV card has an S-video input, otherwise there is only the composite lot worse .... (cinch) cable
Tuner and about you can go on.
The small window and close the whole store with one click on the disk icon.
Now connect camera turn on and play the movie. If everything is correct, you see the movie running in the window ......
The recording starts with just one click on the red dot (or F5). Esc. stops the whole again ....

So far, so not at difficult. BUT a horse has the whole thing. Your Win98 ......
Files can not there be greater than 2GB. That is very little uptake of this type. Where's practically uncompressed and the files are huge .....

The way I have described to you now, as it is synonymous with the existing hardware. Whether you now want to convert your system to Windows XP or Win 2000, or rather want to resort to a Canopus box or card that is your decision.

Have fun

Antwort von beiti:

a horse has the whole thing. Your Win98 ......
Did I just completely skipped. Who is synonymous to the idea of running an Athlon 3200 + under Win98?

So I would definitely recommend to Win2k or XP - not only because the file sizes.

Antwort von Digitalimager:

I can advise you to do the windows XP to use.
1. Because your 64-bit processor under WindowsXP better (Windows XP 64bit)
implement much more power can, Win98 uses only a small part of it.

2. The record size when converting about the films produced
can possibly several 10GB! have. Windows 98 only works with FAT32 hard disk system and da gibts the restriction that a file only max. 4GB should have. For Windows 2000 and Windows XP with NTFS is what has worked almost no limitation. So, now you can be so smart and think that you just on the size of several 4GB split, it works. But you have to multiply this 4GB so again in an editing program run together ... because Win98 lay down its weapons.

Another advantage of XP is that there is already an integrated recording and editing program, Windows Movie Maker to say this.

And then there was the routing, management of video and audio signals inside of Windows XP. In Win98 it is so that there can be only 1 program which the audio / video signals may not use, is a 2nd Add program is Enough!
In XP, however, it is no preference how many Programs to simultaneously access a sound card, but XP has its own system which is called Wavemapper.

So I would go to my computer dealer and ask whether it is a Windows XP (64 bit version is better) as an OEM version there. These OEM costs only 30 euros and can or should only be purchased with PCs will be shipped. Synonymous, I just want to see a PC dealer left the OEM has no!

And another thing, you Once again you should install an additional 512 MB, which speeds up the system to some, but not under Win98 Please .. ;)
So until then ..

Antwort von Markus:

From capturing via TV card, I do not think much (see synonymous FireWire FAQ">1. (c) Why do not capture using graphics card, TV card or video grabber?).

Possible approaches:
Five ways to Video8/Hi8 to Digitizer

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