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Frage von oskar-lima:

Hello everybody!
Many of you have yet determined earlier times synonymous analogy filmed, right?
So I'm all for a film project in search of affordable Hi8 or S-VHS camcorders, NOT after some time off independently or in standby mode, but will permanently s.den Picture deliver video. We want the images of multiple cameras via composite cables s.unseren video mixer and then guided digitizer.
There are hundreds of eBay analog camcorders for little money, but unfortunately I do not know which of them the aforementioned property, and I would not synonymous all sellers anmailen individually and ask them. Who of you has had a CameraLink times that I can do this, and can give me the model name?

Thanks for your help,
Gruß, Olli


Antwort von robbie:

If you have newer, digital camcorders into the cassette deck does not exist, they turn out not synonymous.


Antwort von megalutzi:

do not only digital art, but synonymous older analog camcorder, where no tape in the cassette compartment and there is no battery power is being made.



Antwort von thos-berlin:

Why must it be old analog equipment? Where are much cheaper than used digital? They have analog outputs but synonymous ...

I hope your video mixer can mix sources synonymous unsynchrone (TBC built-in).

Question: I agree with Lutz and Robbie at.


Antwort von oskar-lima:

The idea with the tape, I did not come. There does not seem to be really so.
The analog camcorders are indeed a lot cheaper than the digital. And a good Hi8 or SVHS delivers a passable picture. I also have this Project cable lengths of 50-80 meters to the mixer. There remains only on composite, which in fact is synonymous of the quality is quite sufficient.

Thanks for your tips
Gruß Olli


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