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Frage von chris80:


I have 15 and VDL digitalise currently numerous old analog videos (VHS-C, Hi8, etc.). How can I possibly without much manual effort quality of the videos in VDL improve before I put them on the archive disk as miniDV off? Are there certain effects?

Thanks in advance.



Antwort von JMS Productions:

For VDL itself reminds me of nothing to say about this, so we could supplement similar material. I could get a professional tool offering you with the analogue material can be extremely improved and the seemingly (according to self-promotion on the homepage) so well be that there is no noticeable difference in HD-SD aufbläst material. I have not even tried, but similar material can be really impressive optimize.

It is a (paid) plug-in for Premiere, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.
Since I do not expect that you have this plug-in for 300 dollars and I want to buy synonymous not know whether you are in possession of Premiere and After Effects are, but it offers, a 30-day full version of the program download, and so polish up your videos and good. Of course you can, for the purpose synonymous a trial version of Premiere to install, I think 30 days but should be enough to watch the videos aufzupolieren and rauszurendern.

The plug-in called Topaz Enhance and there are

Premiere CS4/CS3 you can directly as a test version.

Although you have written, you want the whole thing "without much manual effort" it, well, cost is relative, decide for yourself whether you approach it is worth. That is the only thing I could offer you. All other freeware tools großartig advertise with "We polish your video to" mostly a lot of promise, but rather keep little ...


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