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And a pocket HD camcorder: Picsio of JVC GC-FM1 of heidi - 7 Sep 2009 12:41:00
It has indeed taken a while to come up ultra-compact, lightweight zubedienenden pocket HD camcorder on the German market, but s.Herbst as reported by both the models of the Flip Mino / Ultra series of Cisco as a synonymous of SonyMHS-PM1 (internationally under the nick "Webbie" marketed) to be available here. In addition, Samsung brings the HMX-U10, and of Kodak gibt es neu den Zi8. At IFA, JVC is now synonymous shows a similar model. The GC-FM1 ( "Picsio") records HD in MPEG-4 (AVC/H.264) format up to 1440x1080 at Resolutionvon (frame rate 30p at 720p 60). The disk is an SD / SDHC card to use (the internal memory is only 128 MB). Moreover, can shoot photos with 8 megapixels. Other important dates, according to Prospect: 1/3.2 "CMOS sensor, 2" display, digital image stabilization, no optical zoom, YouTube upload. (Online information we could find, strangely enough only for JVC France, see link below.)

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But I'm glad if s.1.1.2010 no "are more welcome ;-)
I love metric! The "nonsense is taking root like a cancer ..


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