Infoseite // And again, a new cinema spot: D115

Frage von Lutz Dieckmann:

Hi All,

After I got so mad a lot of feedback to my last movie spot, here's the next one. This time is about the new service number 115, the authorities point. It is unlocked, piece by piece in Germany. Of course, this spot is completely different to the Hessian for the judiciary. I am pleased once again to your creative and critical contributions.

I like him the way, played up in the 1080p format that is new to Vimeo.




Antwort von frm:

Hello Lutz.
I think the spot somehow boring. The manhole cover story is well developed but I think too little, the rest is as dull as cinema advertising, unfortunately, we always see. To me it looks like daas zuweing time in the brainstorming was.
But otherwise well done.

Bin mal curious as the trailer will be discussed here.
What really makes the color correction of Mr. Ballhaus? The well has been so synonymous withdrawn Dampfplauderer. Maybe yes, he turns just in Hollywood, a Top Secret Project. :)



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