Infoseite // Animated graphics: download completed, or with which program?

Frage von ole123:

thanks to your nice help I have made great progress with my product videos!

Now I would need for a statement (I want it with no text) a couple of animated graphics that I would like to show in the corner. For example, a clock that rotates to show that time has passed, or a battery which fills up (similar to the iPhone on display while charging).

Is there such a possibly ready to buy something, how to buy so synonymous sounds, or do I craft something?

If buy out, tinkering when, how? :)

Thanks, Ole


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Look at times offer Flash sites or pages, the "loading bar etc for Flash.
Furthermore you can find many things on symbols etc font (s) or find and as a Brush (es) for PhotoShop or GIMP / Corel.

It can then tinker some light.

A real "Purchase Page" I know now, not really.

B. DeKid


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