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Noch ein Erfahrungsbericht über die HDR-HC1

Another experience report on the HDR-HC1

Frage von ruessel:
November 2005




I have documented my experience with views of SonyHC1 in recent days. All a bit quick to write (spelling may be retained) and no cream layout, but perhaps for one or the other something more useful and honest than as described in some video magazine.

Greeting from Ruessel

Antwort von ruessel:

Now I answer my own time ;-)

Hello dear HC1 interested

s.Tage I get plenty of mail to you, and please do not be angry if I do not always equal to respond immediately. I must still synonymous earn my money to finance such beautiful things as the HC1 can too.

Some questions of you, repetitive, and not to send a personal email to every single need, I will answer here in this forum and in http://videotreffpunkt.com/.

I believe that any longer helped. Here is the question of bezgl SonyHC1.

Greeting from Ruessel


Antwort von ruessel:

Then we start times:

QUESTION: This extremely favorable offer for £ 1147.99 - hammer - which is the load?

ANSWER: As written, I received the offer of a reader sent to you. The thing has become clear, a shop had offered it as a day job that actually ...... Today is once again inside the old price - about 300 Euronen more. But the price drop of the HC1 can be seen every day and only a matter of time up to 1,100, - is the normal price.

QUESTION: ... I have the movies via the PC VGA connection via a Sanyo Z3 (Resolution720p, screen diagonal approx 260cm) considered. The Picture of HC 1 is already very good. What has struck me this: When the film with the wind turbine (total) I see on the left page of the windmill, a white double-peak. On my PC screens (17''), it is hardly noticeable, but on closer inspection to detect synonymous.

ANSWER: Yes, that would be the electronic Kantenaufsteilung. I have noticed is synonymous. Will I soon be taking a close look at. At the moment I can say anything next.

QUESTION: The photographs of the moving cars are synonymous with my PC LCD sharp, that is, I know, the usual motion blur of the passing trees. Match the picture as I would not call now. What I would be interested in times when I record of 80% ice-hockey games, such as sports with the HC 1 from view. Whether it's football, handball, basketball, motor sports, etc. Is there a way to time such scenes be put online, or send one to a DVD

ANSWER: Hmmmm ...... I really can not go into any desired image, then I would shoot just for you and starve ;-). But I have rehearsal recordings of synonymous then tried to get the HC1. Basically, yes you will find a lot of footage on my Page ...... all well natively in HDV format. But I think longer scenes HDV to DVD and burn to send about 10 euros Unkostenbeitrag to ..... or does anyone else sit through a lot of web space for this data? My 1 gigabyte of web space is almost exhausted!

QUESTION: How do you rate the HC1 as "Camera Head" to hang them s.einen 35mm adapter (Micro35, Letus35 etc.) to? The light loss is still so much - provides the HC1 still do it?

ANSWER: Now it's difficult for me. I have not a 35mm adapter and white so synonymous not like the HC1 reacts to it. Therefore I can write nothing about this. However, the HC1 still with huge Gainverstärkung very noise free ... see my test shots.

QUESTION: Have you tried the 1080i deinterlacing at times? I had tried once with HC1 footage from the web, the best results yielded Combustion 3, however, fine lines (high-rise buildings in the background were there), unfortunately, such a flicker ...

ANSWER: No! Currently I am testing the camera and still have hardly any material processed the HC1 in post production .... but that will change soon!

QUESTION: .... the film test mpegs of HC1 are original m2t's?

ANSWER: Yes. I am using the Capture tool CapDVHS v0.3.0.6 (freeware) to HC1 of dub on my hard drive too. This not the footage is rendered or otherwise changed, as the quality. But that I may have then a MPG file that you ...... then you can download of my home ....

Antwort von baddimi:

Interesting comment, Wolfgang results ...

Since I am only m2t The present material from different sources more accurately viewed on a 19 "CRT monitor without influence on the recording to make, and thereby established the following:

1. Gamut:
little sluggish and brilliant images
2. Drawing:
color areas with little or bleached without drawing
3. Artifacts and blocs:
) in fine structures (brush, small-dimensional objects (willow leaf)
4. Motion blur of swinging or rushing objects:
even at moderate speed, disturbing ghost images in the global sharp picture
5. Motion blur when zooming:
between the start and end point because of too much inertia of the autofocus
6. Blurring of fine structures:
pulpy / foggy areas that vibrate with movement in the Picture
7. Halos:

How do I see in your report, you have confirmed some of my points.
Also in the aforementioned forum of you are partly confirms my points, such as the occurrence of artifacts and other things.

'm On more test results of you curious Wolfgang.

Antwort von baddimi:

of war to write me (BPH) does not provide anonymous ... do not know why that has been so incorporated ...

Antwort von Holger:

Hello dear forum

considered the lucky one to have for this brilliant Special 1147.99 EUR - supernett if you would / could you post the dealer with the offer! :-)

Antwort von ruessel:

Thank you again for all the flowers that my phone via email or reach any other way ..... would have never expected that my report on the HC1 but such high waves suggests ....

yes .... I've just m2t The present material from different sources more accurately viewed on a 19 "CRT Monitor

Yes ... that's exactly the problem! Unless the vision devices may pose properly 1080i, is a truly neutral evaluation difficult. However it seems that on a (very expensive studio) CRT monitor described everything perfectly to be (as in my report ).... if this is of course clear that we are talking about a $ 1500 camera. If there is an HDV camera in the 10K-euro area soon give (Canon), they obviously have to look in more detail. Furthermore, I realize how HDV (because it is new) more critical looking. Last night, I'm on my telly, watch cable 1 and find myself as I was of Beschi mumble .... picture quality!
For me there is no doubt ... no more IR. But this is only my personal opinion and not a law.

...... pulled the lucky one to have for this brilliant Special 1147.99 EUR - would sup ....

only the reader of this email today:

Dear Customer,

Your order has overlapped with the sale of goods,
Therefore, we can no longer perform your order.

The next receipt is only the beginning of January.

We ask for your perusal.

Their Maxx Store

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

My CRT monitor has always been good for the testing of MPEG-2 material is suitable, he shows mercy to the weaknesses of this highly compressed material. Living room TVs (synonymous, the new plasma / LCD) are there a lot more lenient.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Why do not you do deinterlace the images, such as Picture 2 on Page 3?

The blown-out places without drawing are indeed very disturbing in an HDV-Picture ...

Halos are noticeable to me in many shots ...

Antwort von ruessel:

Why do not you do deinterlace the images, such as Picture 2 on Page 3?

I did not edit my pictures from my extra HDV material, it is all so truly be "native" as it possibly can. Dressing has been around in too many magazines ..... When I even had no HC1 was synonymous myself (only 1500 euros must be earned erstmal) footage in HDV searched and found little. Much of the material was processed or no longer in HDV Size ..... says what such a process material at all on the HC1?

I would be interested, such as the results in the standard DV format. Have you tested the synonymous? Because of the processing, since one usually takes for longer films at an extremely good calculator.

Yes, but only briefly, in DV mode, everything looks just like HDV. Only everything is not as sharp as a real HDV Picture ..... I think it makes no sense to shoot in DV mode, that is shooting in HDV (for later, then one has it all High Def) and in the camera menu, select 576i output HDV, whoosh comes out of the Firewire DV perfectly normal, even in top quality . Whether you hours of calculation (scale) of HDV to DV a little more, I do not know brings. In any event, the Echtzeitkopierung of HC1 to SonyDSR20 recorder is running properly and make real sharp DV still outperforms a Canon XL2.

.... how do you come with the manual focus during the shoot it out? Is it easy or very possible change during the film the focus on an object.

Theoretically, yes, you can raufschalten on "big" lens ring zoom or focus control. But it is impossible with the built-in screens, then check the sharpness of the LCD shows everything .... sharp! So join the studio holding a tube monitor via composite or component, then it goes ..... whether there is a focus lock s.der HC1, I do not know .... (oh shame) are still not complete instructions HC1 read!

... how is the built-in stereo microphone?

Well, for some O sounds sufficient. And stereo can be heard but .... Schweinewindempfindlich ....... Professionals have, however, before proper Tonzeug.

.... Some pictures are a little dull.

The very deceiving! How should I (be) to write ..... I have the frames to the left as delivering it to the original stream to hard drive. Typically, video images for print or screen must be in Photoshop, nor with "Levels" will be moved slightly in the black area, because the colors are different than the good old tube video on a PC or Mac. A digital video viewer korrektiert sowas playing in real time.

Antwort von Pablito:

I did not edit my pictures from my extra HDV material, it is all so truly be "native" as it possibly can. Dressing has been around in too many magazines .....

But that has nothing to do with image editing, you just have the video editing program for the creation of frames to choose join the "images" or something like that (depending on program) to make these lines will eliminate misalignment between fields. Only then you can properly assess frames.

Antwort von prem:

just have the video editing program for the creation of frames join the "Pictures"

That is not right! Thus the horizontal scan lines are interpolated to deteriorate and the 1080 lines, only in half .... then it's only vertically native HDV.

Greeting from Ruessel

Antwort von stanko3:

Hello and sorry for the incidental question,

Maybe I can tell someone how to "gain-gain" adjusts to the HDR-HC1?


Antwort von wolfgang:

"Anonymous" wrote:
just have the video editing program for the creation of frames join the "Pictures"

That is not right! Thus the horizontal scan lines are interpolated to deteriorate and the 1080 lines, only in half .... then it's only vertically native HDV.

This of course depends on the nature and manner of deinterlace-Mechansimus who comes to the application. As the editing programs, however, represent first time no fields, but also frames, here's just synonymous, the question is how this preview is handled and prepared.

And then gehts still synonymous with the question of how one wants to spend the final material - precisely deinterlace 1080i in the final chain visibility in most cases, etweder halt on output, or synonymous only in the LCD or plasma.

So it is here that the question of "native editing" even a bit questionable - namely, whether there is any diesee particularly skilful, and whether they would stop losing on the road of intermediates really soo much s.Bildqualität. Then do the fronts for another religious war on ... taking my measurements indicate rather that the loss in quality during the processing of intermediates is likely to be rather insignificant.

Antwort von ruessel:

As the editing programs, however, represent first time no fields

Well, my editing software Speed Razor 2000x works intersect with the fields. During my post-production with digital fusion is always (if counted interlaced) into fields ....... Fields are vital for a good motion reproduction.

It is true, the LCD / PLASMA not do this and not play 50 fields per second. Exactly where the boring discussion about vermatschte captures images of swinging o. ..... batting sim. at.

Until now, my opinion is: Who can wegrechnet the fields of HDV material, or otherwise touched in some way, does not deal seriously with an HDV image quality. Sounds hard, but so ;-)

Greeting from Ruessel

PS I remember well back in the 80s, then I have worked with 3D computer animation on an Amiga. A television station motzte on the full screen animation (TV trailer) and we created a separate software s.The from 100 real Volleinzelbilder 50 fields (PAL interlaced) calculated. That was a quantum leap in computer animation ..... now everyone wants to have P. What a Crazy winter time!

Antwort von wolfgang:

So I said to ninth in a way that no fields are to be taken into account when cutting - please where is it?

We are talking here of the presentation on vision equipment, which will screen refresh in full-screen images. And we talk of the representation of the fields in the cut, in a sectional preview. Both points are quite something quite different, as was once mistakenly picked out here.

Would my Vegas and Edius not count in my half-frames which would have probably flown long ago of the plate.

Until now, my opinion is: Who can wegrechnet the fields of HDV material, or otherwise touched in some way, does not deal seriously with an HDV image quality. Sounds hard, but so ;-)

It is not hard, which is valid in this form, just more and more. That was long, so long as we have just had our TVs only fields. The future looks different.

On one side are 720p material. And so I speak not only of 720 25p with the ProHD line of JVC, but much more of 720 50p.

Why do so many people wish for 1080 50p as 720 50p? And why of the EBU is recommended even 720 50p for the basic use in Europe?

And why a 50p material should have a worse resolution than a movement 50i material?

So times I think that this argument is unlikely to be tenable.

Antwort von ruessel:

.. we are talking of the representation of the fields in the cut, in a sectional preview.

... yes, I had understood it wrong .....

Why do so many people wish for 1080 50p as 720 50p?

50P is indeed synonymous io Nirg Even though I can see that this will become a standard to Buy.
According to the LCD (currently about 2 years) to the organic Led's coming in large screens, ostensibly to respond so quickly / switch the 1080i finally makes sense .....

Greeting from Ruessel [/ quote]

Antwort von prem:

Hi Wolfgang,

Digital videoschnitt Page do you have a super (as in the forum praised con). Thanks to you, the decision is made and the beginning of the year there is an HC1 for me.

Quick question on "catchy". So it is the Micro, which helps you in your ear and there is thus better sound?

Unbelievable. And one of you can get. Only synonymous with instructions or manufactured (I'm not the lödfan)?

If so, then I must have it.


Antwort von ruessel:

Hello Rewaldus,

nice that you have chosen a HC1 ... welcome in the club soon ;-)

Yes, the catchy song is specially for people who developed a superior claim s.ihre video recordings (ton) position. The built-in microphones are usually in the response has been severely curtailed in order to work sounds s.der Camera not included with. This is obviously not acceptable in challenging shots. The catchy "goes" of 20-20000Hz very linear and has the ear by the synonymous still carry a wider stereo base .... but you can hear just the examples in peace! Also, the wind noise is significantly reduced: http://www.fxsupport.de/hc1/hc1_5.html (24.11.2005 14:28)
He is small, light and brilliant! ;-) And will be shipped synonymous assembled.
See: http://www.fxsupport.de/hc1/micro.html

gruss vom Ruessel

Antwort von Bernd:

Wanted to ask whether the manual focus is digital or optical. Could not make sense of the SonyPage.
Thank you very much!

Antwort von ruessel:

What do you mean with Digital Focus?

Focus = focus, the sharpness can be set manual or auto s.Objektivring of the camera.

the problem with manual focus, I'm never quite sure whether I have now set properly sharp, to the viewfinder or LCD screen is too small or not high definition. While there are a few resources to it (in the menu as Peaklevel contour reinforcement), but in my eyes is the toy-.... So sharpen zooming on Object to focus the camera to auto and then set on manual (freeze), then select the desired image.

Greeting from Ruessel

Antwort von prem:

I guess with Digital Optical or he thinks that the focus - ring directly engages in the Optics, or whether the ring by a servo motor is activated, pulling the sharpness.

The latter is the case with the HC1 ...

Antwort von Ralf-:

What do you think the rumors that the HC1, the HC3 replaces it? Until now, always said that both will remain on the market, but now I've read on digitalvdeoschnitt.de that the HC3 allegedly replacing the HC1. That would be a real shame, because I want her to buy me, but I'm sure for a few months, the Money.

Antwort von Jan:

Well this is quite clear, a better-equipped HC 3, the synonymous is still cheaper?

The time now is bargains, many Dealers are trying to bring their old HC 1 still s.den man / woman, as long as the HC 3 is not here yet .....

Would be significantly better benefits:

- Image quality / noise is better especially with the new ClearVid CMOS sensor just a tad bit
- The new slow-motion function gabs still in the form and in the price range never
Cassette tray now, finally, pro Hafter top
-HDMI is finally joined with a true digital interface
Ok Focus Ring, Micro and headphone jack, unfortunately missing, but it is cheaper to get synonymous.


Antwort von prem:

So I recently chatted once with someone who at Sonyarbeitet, and has meant that di HC1, the HC3 is definitely not (!) Replaces, but remain two models in the market. The models appeal to different buyers. There are also of the HC1) yes synonymous a professional model (A1. Why take the HC1 from the program if production continues almost bausgleiche A1?
In addition, the HC1 has been waiting for the moment Sonyder (!!!) revenue contributor to the company for years in the camcorder area. I hardly think that the saw off the now easy.

It seems to me rather as if there digitally videoschnitt again so look up of a busybody wants to attract. Were there any known sources, or is it just speculation?

Antwort von ruessel:

The HC 3 has not even had microphone inputs let alone a headphone output. Who wants to work seriously with sowas?

Nevertheless, I'm going to this camera (if it is priced competitively, buy na so for 800 euros). Due to the digital HDMI output is this camera is a super player for HDV! And spare my HC1 drive through editing.

Antwort von cassiopaya:

The Sony Store
"HDR-HC3, the successor model of the popular high-definition Handycam HDR-HC1, offers thanks to the new ClearVid CMOS sensor, an even higher image quality and is also smaller, lighter and more user friendly."

Antwort von ruessel:

Loosening up ..... I guess all marketing blather ...

The HC3 HDV range is rounded off downwards. Whoever buys it now, a new DV camera for $ 1000? Where the competitors actually remains?

Antwort von Ralf-:

So the hope is not lost yet? Well then let's hope once synonymous and it surprises me that the competition does not follow that would press the Prices determined again!

Antwort von prem:

times a question for ohrwurm: can not slip the capsule?

Antwort von ruessel:

What do you mean? Ear ;-) reinfallen

If you work Walkman headphones, synonymous work the catchy tunes.

Antwort von prem:

I believe that the capsules in the headphones stop turn or so.
after one side is louder than the other ...

Antwort von ruessel:

I believe that the capsules in the headphones stop turn or so.
after one side is louder than the other ...

No, this is not possible. The capsules are sealed in the housing of me positively.

Antwort von ApplePB:


Short question about it, and indeed, how is haglich "for the catchy song?

Respectively. how carefully we should treat him, then?

Schoene Gruesse,


Antwort von ruessel:

Short question about it, and indeed, how is haglich "for the catchy song?

Not step on, not over the lighter to keep ......

No, the weak are the cables, these are (very thin and thus easily but synonymous) and with somewhat greater force can be torn down. If no halt XLR cable connection, but should be sufficient for a normal camera use. Until now, there was no damage earwig with cables ripped out ..... rather fall in Kabelziehen the plugs from his ears.

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