Infoseite // Ansmann Power Converter for Sonyaufladen - how?

Frage von Büschel:



I own a SonyHC37E which s.Werk with the rather weak-SonyNP come-FH30. Now I have bought an Ansmann Power Converter. Is stuck between the original and the Camera.
Thus, the camera works synonymous, but the camera over a remaining period of approximately 90 minutes to show, or about that which exposes the FH30.

Now I would like to recharge the battery. When I plug in the camera to the power supply is loaded, but apparently only until the FH30 is full (; Ladeleuchte goes out).

I Deduct the FH30, the camera goes on, but bleats after a few seconds, that a wrong power supply was connected.

Ok. I switch them out, and the Ladeleuchte goes on, however, began to see at a few seconds flashing.

The question now is, will the battery charged without the original on the back or not?

I hope it gives to a satisfactory solution. An external battery charger, I would not buy now, not worth it, because the Sonybald is demoted to the second camera. Besides, I had the day before and what I do not want to, of course, getting an unpleasant surprise when the "Duck Butt" adopted because of low battery charge ...


Antwort von Büschel:

Sun has done ... the thing will probably be loaded despite the flashing lip syncing and now he shows me 270 minutes ;-) ... the only remaining term disadvantages, this thing takes forever to load and you can not use the viewfinder ( ; I certainly have never done before).


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