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Frage von 911Fab:


yours truly again. :)

I wonder (oh well better for you) as I get the Überblendmodus * White * or synonymous of scene to scene dazw. Aperture white out so that does not equal the whole picture is white (as in the default) but then as I often Final Cut at the first of it eg see comes from the sky.

So I myself determine the point where it becomes brighter and then the whole picture into the white overflow.

MFG (I hope to understand what I mean)


Antwort von Pianist:

You can do this with a suitable blanking effect, whose intensity increases rapidly, ie of "little effect s.Anfang" of the effect for "more effective" s.end of the effect. If there is a white sky, offered itself to a Luminanzstanze, and if it is a blue sky, you could try it with a blue dance.



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