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Frage von wmxrecords:


I have a recording made with a SONY HDR-HC3. And I wanted to definitely close of Aperture to slowly closed. But as the Aperture is adjusted in this digital camera is not nice and gentle, I have gradually moderate hard cap. I have even uploaded the video:

My question: there is the possibility of messing with After Effects added that steps gently over somehow? I'd say I'm a beginner regarding After Effects.

Thanks ever, people!


Antwort von Mylenium:

First stabilize the footage in 'Ner-compose! Then, the Sub-Comp 2 times as plane use. Upper level Blend Mode Color (Color) and share. effect on it cut down on the lower level, a shift channels and set all the color channels to luminance, then one of the following effects or combinations of the same:

- Auto-Levels
- Auto-Brightnbess/Contrast
- Timewarp (with motionblur had switched on)
- Possibly CC Force motionblur

The whole trick here: You are simply the smoothest luminance over time. had a try experimenting and bissl's will not be quite perfect, but in case a jedne bissl better. and next time shoot just completely normal and do such things in the post (32bpc mode with exposure effect) ...

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