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Apple DVD Player weigert sich die DVD abzuspielen

Apple DVD player refuses to play the DVD

Frage von evision:
Februar 2010


I urgently need help with a project that I am with a Panasonic SD300 and a Canon HF10've recorded.
With these two cams I have included a small seminar and the m2ts widescreen in PAL. Mov converted.
This I then (in Premiere with multicam cut again, and a PAL mov., So bottom field first) is created.

Then the whole thing had burned to DVD with Encore.
This has worked so far always wonderful, but if I then einlege the DVD Apple DVD Player does not recognize the DVD. With VLC player I can play though, but I'm quite nasty interlace combs.

What could be the problem? I once heard somewhere that this can happen if, within the project time lines, the order changes. That's impossible, but if the Project as complete. Mov is from premiere. Or is it?
How a program responds Windows DVD I do not know. But I'll still try out somewhere and then tell here whether it reproduces, without any zicken too.

If you still need more information about the files, I can still like a grudge.

I would be super grateful for quick help!

Thank you in advance s.alle who make the effort to respond to ...

Antwort von evision:

Slowly it would be much ... Am truly grateful for every tip.

The DVD Player reports: "DVD not available"
If the DVD (which is recognized correctly by the drive name, including load) wants, then he says "Media is not supported"??
I actually made everything as usual.

Antwort von Axel:

I did not answer even recently, because to me your information was too sparse. I am not about writing, but the possibilities, why is a DVD are incompatible, are really too numerous. You do not synonymous write, whether you've tested the DVD on a stand-alone player.

The name of a DVD is recognized, of course, always synonymous when it is not a bootable DVD or if the name is misspelled. There must be "the_name" (not "The name to be"). The DVD has a "VIDEO_TS" folder to be. Mpeg2 video must be in standard resolution (Pal or NTSC), audio needs to PCM, ac3 or mp2, all at 48 kHz (DTS sake of completeness, but who would, first, a encoder? Second decodes the Apple DVD Player) no DTS. Everything else is simply "unsupported media". What a blank is it is to damn modern Macs. The best are compatible - if self-burned - in general, single-sided DVD-R, the format was supposed to be elected of Encore burned car (with another program?), Otherwise it would be DVD-ROM UDF.

If you find a VIDEO_TS überhaup t on the disc, open the show directly through> File> DVD media. If that goes, you can burn the folder contained synonymous.

But the interlace salad indeed shows that there is probably something wrong even before Encore (???) obviously (a yi-lff-exchanger or the like, probably because you're somewhere a tick too much or too little have done but that would the disc) do not incompatible.

Antwort von PowerMac:

> "With Encore DVD burning ...

Ah, very well. You vergurkt it simply to create a nonstandard DVD. How will this hinkriegt explains the manual of Encore.

Antwort von Alf_300:

If you ever find a VIDEO_TS on the disk, open the show directly through> File> DVD media. If that goes, you can burn the folder contained synonymous.

It will not work synonymous with the MAC

Antwort von Axel:

"Alf_300" wrote:
If you ever find a VIDEO_TS on the disk, open the show directly through> File> DVD media. If that goes, you can burn the folder contained synonymous.

It will not work synonymous with the MAC

Definitely. I of 2002 (DSP # 1.5) are first written hundreds of DVDs on the hard drive, then the VIDEO_TS folder with the software player tested and finally burned with Toast as a "data-> DVD-ROM UDF. Among them were many DVDs that I had only geauthoret for others. There was never a problem with compatibility. Patrick pointed out to me several times to the fact that you can test an image synonymous and burn. I'll do so since then. 'm Always sure if it's compatible.

A flaw of the way up next: The Apple DVD player (at least the) opens a DVD synonymous car when they "Muller's Wedding" is ;-))

Antwort von Alf_300:

Image is indeed burn burn OK and everything, but others prefer simply to Video_TS?

Antwort von Axel:

Much that has been discovered by chance works, although it is not a correct procedure.

Antwort von Alf_300:

@ Random
If the IFO is not in a particular segment, klappts only on the calculator not on the stand, it is no getting

Antwort von evision:

Thank you for your recent answers!

Now the turn ...

- Windows PCs can play back the DVD without any problems
- The DVD is one and one VIDEO_TS AUDIO_TS. If I want to open with the Apple DVD player, the VIDEO_TS, then it says "the media type is not supported" The VLC opens the disc without having to complain.
- I use a Verbatim DVD-R disc
- A stand-alone DVD player I have not tested at the moment available to it there.
- In the Finder, the DVD with "The Name" and not with "the_name appears.
- I have it now, even with Encore CS4, and once burned with Toast (no special settings. That means I'm just not in any menus rumzuwursteln Create clicked on) Both times the same.

otherwise it would be DVD-ROM UDF

What does that mean in greenhorn Language? : D
seems to be a uff-lff-exchanger or the like, probably because you somewhere a tick too much or too little have done that would not make it incompatible, but the DVD

Can we somehow find out and resolve at this stage??

Antwort von evision:

I've found something here in the Apple DVD player manual:

The message "No DVD is available" is displayed
The DVD player does not recognize video content that has been burned on certain types of DVD-RW media or with different SuperDrives.

If the DVD player does not recognize a DVD, you may receive the message "No DVD available" appears in the playback window when you try to play the DVD. If you've even burned the DVD, you try to burn the content instead on a DVD-R.

But it can not be true that Apple can not read its own burned DVDs.

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