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Apple Shake Tot !

Apple Shake Dead!

Frage von Chezus:
August 2009

A pity that the issue was not yet discussed.
Shake Apple has now officially banned from the store. In addition, the prior Shake Page go directly to Final Cut.

Even if some motion is a replacement for Shake is in any case.
Would be a pity if Apple would get no more for Shake (; eg Phenomenon)


Antwort von LonelyHill:

Very very bad!
Shake is probably with the best program I have ever worked with. Would be very sad if Apple would offer no equivalent alternative more ...
And motion as a replacement for Shake would probably like iMovie instead of Final Cut Pro! Safe Motion offers a few nice applications but for me it is one in None as proffesional compositing program.

Hopefully there will be soon Enlightenment. Otherwise, sooner or later, probably remains the only change to Nuke, etc. What if only because of compatibility to Final Cut Pro would be shade.

Antwort von WoWu:

Apple Shake Dead!

Well, not mine ... it is still running and is probably synonymous to perform his well-known services in the future ....
What kind of excitement ... all the updates were already thin ....

Antwort von Chezus:

It is not a matter that ansich Shake is dead, and there are no more updates. It would have been nice stop to hear something new Phenomenon of Apple, but apparently the entire development was probably swept under the carpet.

To me it seems as if Apple was neglecting the pro market, more and more. What is wrong, because it runs well but Apple's innovations for their consumer products.

I would rather pay slightly more for Final Cut and Co to get for it, and yet the more for it.

A competitor to After Effects seamlessly into any Adobe Suite and FC matches would still stimulate the market.

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Chezus

I see you're still in good spirits and hoping for new Programs and good implementations.
But I think Apple's next moves away like always.
Apple synonymous with bothers me that they seem to hold good for large (;) to support even camera formats that are available s.Markt.
According to Apple's opinion would be a camera manufacturer to send them ... Well, the JVC is doing it already, after they were the first who brought a 720p25 format into the market and Apple has ignored nearly two years, the format ... much to the benefit of Sony, which could expand its market position in Europe in the consumer market with it.
Now, JVC will not repeat this experience, and equally well supported Quicktime File Recording.
Apple's goal is obviously to make the QT (; only) universal file format for all media files.
Why do I need to be converted for example, DVCPro HD in QT? Desert you a valid reason for it? Except that one is not doing the user a favor, but only their own interests?
Now it is synonymous still not entirely clear whether, or if not, AVCHD is supported in the future .. but if I'm pretty sure it will be synonymous transferred to QT.
Is there a valid reason? None comes to me at least one and other NLEs do not synonymous.
Rumors say that there is a HLD, QT to universal tool to make.
But it's the hardware so next .... Why Apple is not set to removable Batteries? The iPod and synonymous in the iPhone ... And now synonymous in the MacBook .... That still means that the hardware will either be exchanged at the service center, or equal s.besten a new device is purchased. But what has to do with customer interest?
Governing philosophy "is the magic word.
And since Apple has determined that man with the sale of Songs can earn much more money, it seems as with the development of complicated software roll down and that iPhones per day 1000der quantities behind by the tape and we demand can no longer operate, since it too easy to be a nuisance, Programs, such as Shake or Combustion to maintain.
Question is how long will maintain Final Cut Pro, After synonymous DVDStudioPro is already dead.
At some point you will have umfrisiert commercial customers, so that he takes great iMovie after JVC Quicktime here now for great finds.
I am not unhappy that we decided several years ago for iQ and ever the Final Cut Pro's next development, the less there is to regret it.
You see, I do not share your hope for Phenomenon really, because I believe that making iPods, iPhones, iTunes, the Apple people much more "fun" as maintain sophisticated software to develop, or synonymous just good to Implement ...
But as we wait for fairer 10.6 from (; Open CL), because this is already a prerequisite for this .... oh yes, it would be synonymous equal G5 all be dead .... New hardware for the people ....
And once everything is quicktimisiert, then, the ruble is rolling in cash license synonymous there.

Antwort von tom:

Interestingly, it has been synonymous possible to buy the source code of Shake ® for 50,000 to - so far as Shake will probably continue in some production houses, always something patched / customized ....

Additionally, maintenance customers may choose to license the Shake 4.1
Source code for ® 50,000. The Source code license includes a 5.000 seat
volume license of Shake 4.1. This offer is designed to help facilities with
Shake significant investments maintain a reliable and controllable visual
effects pipeline.

Antwort von Chezus:

Discussing sense and nonsense of the consumer line of Apple would be well beyond the scope here.

Relating to Batteries I can only say: do not bother me. In the iPhone example, I much prefer a narrower device as a replaceable battery. During my 6 Contract extensions I've never bought a spare battery because the entire device was replaced after 2 years anyway. in 20 days, it is time again for me;)
Even my MacBook Pro as a work horse will have its day in about 1.5 years because the demands are increasing.
As long as the battery life is increased, I'll be happy to purchase a fixed battery.

Among the other score I'll give you right. Apple is known to implement things, and to introduce (and if true, but money does not matter) to abolish, synonymous if there is a great outcry among the users.

Firewire (: first, only Firewire, then garkeine Firewire)
Mini DisplayPort
Replaceable Batteries
Music Offer
Currently Shake

All these points are to me basically yes no preference and Apple is synonymous with his sch ... no preference how many Heul-mails will be bombed them.
There are many things to break and bend with the Apple have introduced, have become standard and are synonymous today.

What bothers me is just simply s.dem whole, is that the professional market, more and more mixed with the consumer market.
Nix nix half and whole flat.

Shake that Apple was basically just a matter of prestige, I think is out of question. A Astreines Pro-Tool in the segment to be had for a pittance, of course, is very good.

If what they bring to wait see at this year.
As I said a real competitor with AE performance of Motion would be fantastic! Meanwhile, I'll wrangle me with After Effects and finance my equipment with it;)

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