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Frage von MACerle:

so far I have recorded video in SD format, and finalized on my MAC with Final Cut Pro. The playing out on a MMHD was no problem: make image file and the suffix. Replaced by img. Iso, that's it.

In HD, the situation would be different. I do not find easy, converts a format that understands my MMHD (it can output HD movies in Yuv, but has no HDMI port!).
The MMHD is a TVisto and understands the following video formats: MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (AVI, VOB, ISO), MPEG-4 (AVI, DivX, DivX VOD, XviD)
With convertierung in AVI's I have tried, as with MPEG-4, no success. Can someone give you a tip of, or is it just better, I'll buy an additional MMHD (eg LaCie MMHD)?


Antwort von tommyb:

Maybe can decode your multimedia hard drive no HD video output but only SD videos in HD resolution on inflated component.


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