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Apples neues Betriebssystem

Apple's new operating system "Leopard" s.26.10. available

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Oktober 2007

Apple's new operating system "Leopard" s.26.10. availability of rob - 16 oct 2007 16:34:00
Now it is official. From 26.10. is Apple's new Leopard operating system for 129, - Euro. Interesting from the perspective of media production should be how the new operating system it creates, multi-core architectures to be supported more efficiently managed and how the integration of Boot Camp into the overall success. Boot Camp makes it possible to distinguish between Windows and Mac OS X operating system to change, however, always requires a reboot. In terms of organization, the new Stacks feature, as well as the different working environments of interest. It follows a test as soon as the trial in the editorial department arrives.

In the following the official announcement of Apple:

Munich, 16 October 2007 - Apple today announced that Mac OS X Leopard s.Freitag, 26 October p.18 world clock in Apple retail stores and Apple stores will be available. The Apple Store (www.applestore.de) takes s.sofort Pre opposite. Leopard introduces over 300 new features, including a new desktop with Stacks, on the dock to easily access to files, a newly designed Finder, the sharing of files between multiple Macs easier, Quick Look, the files for a quick Preview offers, without this with a program to open; Spaces, an intuitive new feature to Programs in groups and quickly switch between them and Time Machine for an easy automatic backup on the Mac.

"Leopard is the sixth major version of Mac OS X and the best upgrade that we have so far brought out," said Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple. "And everyone gets the 'Ultimate' version with all the new features for only 129 euros."

Leopard has a completely new 3D Dock with Stacks, files for quick and easy access with just one click to organize. Leopard placed downloads auto downloads in a stack and so keeps the desktop in order. The content of this or any stack can be derived from the Dock in an elegant arc Fanning and see. Users can create their own stacks to quickly to folders, documents or programs to access. The gorgeous new look extends to all programs. Each window has the same consistent design, taking into account active window by deeper shadow in the shape indicated.
The updated Finder has Cover Flow view and a new sidebar, the searching, browsing and copying of content to any PC or Mac on your local network dramatically simplified. Content on any computer on your local network can be with Spotlight search, browse with Cover Flow, or by drag and drop copy. . Mac members can use the new "Back to My Mac" feature to use to use the Internet to the data on their Macs to access.

New in Leopard is Quick Look synonymous with a quick preview of nearly every file and allows even play media without having to start a program to have. With Quick Look allows users from any Finder view documents in high resolution and full screen view.

With spaces can create your own desktop, with only the programs or documents intended for a specific project are required to fulfill their work to better organize. Using the mouse or with the keyboard, the user can quickly switch between different spaces and switch out.

Time Machine allows all data on your Mac secure, lost files and even to find all the software on the Mac restore .* With one click set up Time Machine car maintains a current copy of everything on the Mac. In the event that a file is lost, Spotlight can also be used to deleted files, programs, photos and other digital media track and instantly restore the file. Leopard is an entire system from the Time Machine data of an external drive to restore.

Mail in Leopard has been developed and owns more than 30 template designs and layouts, as

Antwort von DWUA:

adult tigers are interested in for quite some leopards;
There are both synonymous only in the zoo.
Would be interesting but what for "Cobra" and "Mamba" comes
the successors of Leopard.


Antwort von emu:

Well, I'll stick to being synonymous Tiger (which runs at least). In addition, it once again time before Avid Co. and their products for 10.5 release and so long, I definitely think back.

Antwort von dolomiti:

Interesting would be the best of two worlds together: Final Cut Studio and Leopard Procoder for XP. Question: Can I use on a Macbookpro in Final Cut Pro, cut, as Quicktime reference to the internal disk, then with the Boot Camp Windows partition plus Procoder and start on the Quicktimereferenzfile access? Mind you all of the internal plate, without detours to external HDDs (Procoder brilliant color because of the expansion and the best deinterlacing). When Boot Camp went with it would be a brilliant move!

Antwort von emu:

No, it should not go and this is still quite cumbersome, because boot camp so for each time the calculator must restart.
On Windows you can on the Mac HFS format synonymous not access the latest and here it would fail (only FAT32 of both systems can read and write - of NTFS is read at least Mac OS). No idea whether it is a tool in Windows is what you synonymous read the Mac format, but of home-based Windows can not.

What you could try: Parallels offers you the possibility of using drag and drop the files and the exchange program can theoretically even the Boot Camp partition, so that you do not 2 Windows installations have to make. Why theory? Because I have not wanted to work :-) (always get some weird error messages and had no desire to tackle the issue to get to the bottom).

There's a reason why you absolutely want to use the ProCoder? Sorenson Squeeze does it synonymous or just the freeware MPEG Streamclip and that does not require Windows.

Antwort von PowerMac:

This is not true. Of course, you have a file off to the internal disk, and reboot Windows encode with Procoder.


1) Not with the Mac partition, which prefer to file on the Windows partition. With Boot Camp, you car is a Windows partition, it is always readable and thus naturally suited for data exchange. (With special software can be synonymous HFS partitions in Windows to read and describe.)
2) Boot Camp you need to do not. There are synonymous Virtualization Parallels, VMWare Fusion or Crossover (Wine). We must therefore never reboot in Windows. I encode the same DVD with the CCE SP2, the best encoder in Windows - which is next to the OS X runs in parallel with me. Even in the toughest settings, I create (virtualized) real-time conversion. Which may be the Apple Compressor cut off a slice.

At least with DVD wins the CCE SP2 clearly, Squeeze, Compressor, Episode Pro and MPEG Streamclip to create the quality is not. Also, the contrast from Procoder stinks. But I suppose some Squeeze and Episode Pro for WMV and H.264.

Antwort von Dolomiti:

Well, the other encoder werd ich mal search on. With Sorenson I have so far not so good results as with Procoder, but I have not synonymous endless series of tests done. My starting material of the Canon XM2 and with this particular Canon color, the color enlargement Procoder fairly well, in any case better or differently than Sorenson. The deinterlacing with Procoder me also delivered better images than with the Canon Frame mode or with the Sorenson (the first in my upper / lower field confused, but then subjectively synonymous A tick worse than Procoder). In other cams (and their color) will certainly be different. A trifle more: Is it possible because of the Windows partition on a saved Quicktimereferenzfile access (which speaks so then on the OSX partition)?

Antwort von emu:

"PowerMac" wrote:
This is not true. Of course, you have a file off to the internal disk, and reboot Windows encode with Procoder.

Uh, I had nothing else but write?

"PowerMac" wrote:


1) Not with the Mac partition, which prefer to file on the Windows partition. With Boot Camp, you car is a Windows partition, it is always readable and thus naturally suited for data exchange. (With special software can be synonymous HFS partitions in Windows to read and describe.)

How is because a file of Mac OS from the Windows partition? Mac OS can read NTFS while, but not the write and read access is good and nice to help you but in this case actually nothing? This would have the Windows partition so FAT32 format and this has decisive disadvantages for large files and does not human.
So if you are an NTFS partition via Boot Camp, you is not with data stored on a Windows partition - or overlooked because I was?

Antwort von PowerMac:

NTFS can be with "macfuse" synonymous describe with Leopard (what is at stake), it will eventually go directly synonymous. Otherwise goes FAT32.
No. It refers to "No, it should not go." Because it does. :)

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