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Frage von patrick72:

We make a "Lanzeit documentary" (over 10years), so a lot of video sound much material to get together.
Seeking a solution to document this material well, so it is relatively easy to make, where appropriate, marked to rediscover.

as we work with PremiereCS5, I would imagine that something like this:
Loading the clips into Premiere Project
Sequnzmarker-set that you can comment on well
-Export these markers (where sequence Clpi name, marker name & comments, and of course, time code is mitexportier).

is there a way to archive the material so?
'm Obviously synonymous happy with other solutions!

lg and thank Holger


Antwort von Jott:

can - (at least two of them Raid, Opticals, LTO) and neutral TC lists generated which may be expected in ten years still capture in any software I would archive the original material completely clean. If there is such thing as premier in ten years there, no one knows - in 2020 to cut more with video glasses, gesture control and Cloud Computing, and everyone is laughing at the Neanderthal material Resolutiondes adit and the stupid codec.


Antwort von tommyb:

In 10 years, there is no security with CS5 more and then you have nothing more of the material.

Optimal solution would be really paper and pencil or at least an Excel table (if one has not a thousand marker). And yes, Excel spreadsheets that I created in 2000, can open synonymous today.

Alternatively, there is still synonymous archiving software. If this then in 10 years with Windows not 9 runs, they can be synonymous to run on a Virtual Machine with Windows XP. Nevertheless, a software solution would be problematic.


Antwort von patrick72:

so will probably be so ... since the passage of time will strike even faster, as in real life ....

Paper is certainly good ... raises long ...;)

torzdem would be fine if it's possible igendwie would export a list .. no preference whether exel word synonymous or what ever ....

how to say the way to enable the archiving software ".... 've found nothing since ...



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