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Frage von keim:


I think on this subject have already been asked many questions, but unfortunately found no matching thread.

I want to order a helmet camera and conversion of VHS material a MiniDV camera with analog input.

On the producer side, I have this feature at only one Sonyand a Canon can get.

Is there actually are currently only two models s.Markt?

How far are the portable recording equipment now, so maybe a portable DVD or DivX player as a recording device can be misused?



Antwort von Quadruplex:

"germs" wrote: Is there actually are currently only two models s.Markt?
Good possible - we have in this really crazy EU thanks to the camcorder with video input can be taxed as a VCR (incidentally synonymous with every computer monitor DVI input as a TV set) - all so that the domestic consumer electronics manufacturers (Haha!) Before Far East of the evil competitors are protected.

In Switzerland could offer something for this reason its lush ...


Antwort von Markus:

As expected, another reason to be true: digital camcorder with analog inputs need an internal A / D converter and the microphone is next to the entrance, the Lanc connection, the remote microphone, the quality drive, the tripod thread of metal, etc . etc., etc., etc., etc. ... one of the possible savings.

People find Stinginess halt geil (no idea where this comes ;-) and there is already so feature some of the cuts have fallen victim to, yet cheaper to camcorder to be able to offer.


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