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Artikel:Linux - Die Videoschnitt-Alternative?

Article: Linux - The DV editing alternative?

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
November 2005

Linux - The DV editing alternative? Of rudi - 3 Feb 2005 17:11:00
Linux has many advantages: it is basically free and available for free, it can be stable as hell and it does in many areas now have a Windows Calculator completely obsolete. Only in video - and audio editing saw it as yet somewhat bleak.
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Antwort von prem:

Great article

only criticism deserves the section "The switch" None of the current Linux distributions lack a package manager with automatic dependency resolution.

A dual-boot system is fairly simple set up, if you first place for it on the economy hard drive.
This does not mean that on C: or position must be, but there must be enough unpartitioniertet area on the hard drive be present. To shrink the C: partition advertises itself as Partition Magic.

My recommendation:
Ubuntu Linux
SuSE Linux

Antwort von prem:

synonymous, I would say that this is a very good article, especially because he told me, has helped itself already one years since Linux users.
The change is synonymous ncht really as difficult as described here.
The partition of the hard drive as does Suse have of themselves
Another hot tip for free distribution is Kanotix, they can only look at times as a livecd and then install them one wish in a viertelsunde a complete system!

Antwort von phobie:

My criticism also goes s.den section "The change".
The issues in library dependencies (*. so files) are by no means a disadvantage.
Under windows there is also the fact, where they are known as DLLs (Direct Link Library).
These Libs are already fertigprogammierte program parts need not be reprogrammed for each program.
Thus the "Save as ..."- dialog of KDE has been programmed only once, and all the KDE programs bind him only.
This means:

1. Less work
2. Bugs must be resolved only once.
3. Uniform look and feel "
4. Less space consumption

Under Windows, you must bring any setup program all required dependencies (What GNU / Linux synonymous technically possible, but rare is desired.).
Under Linux package managers take on the satisfaction of all dependencies.
If I now in a Debian / GNU / Linux, the program "Movies" then I do install with the help of apt and dpkg (Debian package manager), as follows:
$ Apt-get update
To tell the system which packet versions are currently available for download.
$ Apt-get install kino
This command loads not only cinema down and installed it, but synonymous all required dependencies if they are not already installed on the system.
Among other things, these are then "libquicktime0" (the QuickTime codec), or synonymous "libasound2" (The link s.das ALSA sound system)

$ Apt-get dist-upgrade
Bring in the rest of the whole operating system including all Programs and all libraries to the latest standard

He who rejoices even under Windows via WPKG http://wpkg.org/, know the shortcomings in the Windows Administration ...
WPKG can at least a fraction of what DPKG can only then apt-sources and download missing msi packages.
New software will be purchased so synonymous and do not download:)

Currently (2006-01-24) versions of the above Programs are:
Movies v0.8.0 2005-11-25
Jahshaka v2.0 RC2.1 2006-01-03
Kdenlive v0.24 2004-03-15
Cinelerra v2.0 2005-09-12

Who wants to try Linux once a should Kanotix Download of CD and boot.


Antwort von prem:

For the first contribution:

dissolves with gentoo portage, the definitive package management, global dependencies to all.
also very fast, because everything is compiled of resources!


jan luo

Antwort von freddiecarlton:

Even though the multimedia section under Linux is still in its infancy, so there are many distributions in a rapid development.

The Ubuntu based on Debian http://www.ubuntuusers.de/http://www.mainconcept.com/site/index.php?id=10233. In addition, Jahshaka is

Antwort von freddiecarlton:

By the way: For some knowledge of this movie is

Antwort von funfox:

Well, I switched to linux before 2 month and so I've had problems (SuSE 10.1). Just the installation of the Nvidia drivers is not going to work for people in the pc just.

On the other hand offers several advantages to linux and I want to miss it no longer really videobearbeitung under linux is allerdins (the 200, - ¬ MainActor expensive than the systems tested, I did not) really are limited. Jahshaka can be conjured with great effects, the editor for schniede is regrettable underdeveloped. Cinelerra has proven himself to me as not braubar, where I spent 3 weeks to find the right network setup: (. CINEMA section is only for how fast it koresspondenten need mobility, but as very good and really stabiel! And then there is still a new project but still the development s.anfang sthet and seleb fundamental as 16:9 or trimming .. not yet currently rules.

Nevertheless, there is a rudimentary and videoschnitt under linux with security could have a future one, it is with linux on schleißlich elem-solid socket. But the most interest seems too small.
To erhelten favoring a more intense exchange, I had drawn up a forum (http://www.razyboard.com/system/index.php?id=funfox) but, unfortunately, is synonymous here, the interest in such a low that I will probably set it back soon.

As for me, so I will probably re-create a Windows partition in order to finally be able to cut a problem, too bad!

Antwort von Bamboo:

"freddiecarlton" wrote:
By the way: For some knowledge of this movie is

Antwort von Ratman:

So who wants to use Cinelerra as video editing software under Linux
should use either as a distribution of Debian Sid or Fedora.

For Linux beginners, I recommend in this case, rather Fedora (Red Hat) instead of Debian Sid.

The reason why I recommending these two distributions for Cinelerra is the following.

The lead developer of Cinelerra only develop under Fedora
Therefore, there is only synonymous ready for Fedora binaries on the official Cinelerra website.
To Kompatbilität Library with older versions from other Distris they care little, so there are sure the Cinelerra CVS Community Project that the Cinelerra code synonymous s.andere C + + compiler versions in the code a little cleaning up and adapts and makes adjustments.
Of the latter team, there is then synonymous with packages for Debian Sid, so here would be recommended Debian Sid s.zweiter place.

Those who use other distributions must compile cinelerra itself
or hope that the distributor provides a package (most do not), which in the case of Cinelerra, but a huge problem because it is very easy to hail any errors in Cinelerra.
Cinelerra thus belongs not just to let the open source programs that are easy to compile.

Also worth Cinelerra for a 64-bit CPU with a corresponding 64-bit Linux operating system because it runs on a 64-bit CPU is significantly more stable. That's at least say the main developer on the official website and need to know.

Antwort von fragestunde:

Ubuntu Studio
Überzeugend für Linux-Neueinsteiger ist meiner Meinung nach vor allem das Debian-Paketmanagement, with dem man sich in Ubuntu recht schnell orientieren kann.

Antwort von du:

damn, the Linux kernel and GNU / Linux is the operating system! Is that so difficult?

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