Infoseite // As cable away from video retouching?

Frage von WWJD:

Hi together

Gladly would I know whether a program exists (ev.Free / Share) which gives me the opportunity, such as electrical cables or otherwise causing retouching?
Thanks for any tip.

Gruss Saamjo


Antwort von noname:

There's really no progi?


Antwort von PowerMac:

There's really no brain?


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Enter the frames with VirtualDub as a sequence of images and retouch the pictures with any graphics program. Set the frames back into the video editing program, you'll get inside and a video of it. In between, of course, you have your own brain a little effort.


Antwort von Reimer Reimer:

Hello Saamjo,

whether it is a good, free Weichgut there, I do not know.
There's a good overview of the various options
ties of the approach:

Perhaps there is in the professional programs synonymous Free
Sample programs, I have not reviewed.

All the best Axel


Antwort von C.I.W:

That must be it provides simple, because otherwise you would stunt scenes with no noticeable use of ropes. Because you get it off easily synonymous.


Antwort von Markus:

In the professional environment of F / X experts, the necessary software (-function) of the professionals themselves are often written. Sometimes we learn something about the making of a film.

On the other hand, it is relatively unspectacular, a single image to demonstrate, but often synonymous apply. The relevant settings are not so long, so that in Photoshop or similar image-(non-graphic) program is not synonymous sooo long to do would have been.

PS: As to this question in the camcorder category had to search? I have times moved. ;-)


Antwort von stievie:

What Programs are available to you for disposal?

Please correct me if I am wrong.
If you are in possession of Adobe After Effects are, there is, as far as I know, a plugin.
Ask me but not like this plugin is called.

Otherwise I agree with Peter Bruno.
Give the video into individual frames and edit them out individually in a graphics program.

As far as I know, there is Adobe Photoshop a "stamp" or as synonymous is to say, you in your work can help.



Antwort von matte:

I would in any case in AFX for copying temple recommend because haste the same options as when copying temple in Photoshop, the only one still has the advantage of later in the video still changes!



Antwort von mmohl:

"stievie" wrote:
If you are in possession of Adobe After Effects are, there is, as far as I know, a plugin.
Ask me but not like this plugin is called.

CC Simple Wire Removal. Is one of Cycore effects that are in AE, but must be installed separately.

You give because I believe the start-and endpoint of the cable into, and the straight line that connects the two is somehow removed. So for taut cables and probably useful for slack in the electric cable lying rather not. Did it even synonymous but not yet tried.


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