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Wie Produktion und Drehbuch für Werbefilm angehen?

As concern for commercial film production and script?

Frage von Hannibali:
Mai 2006

Hi folks,

I would like Zivi in a care and after I had as a student project where a little documentation had rotated out of the existing material and nachgedrehtem another 20-minute promotional film for this production facility with speaker, and a few O-tones. All this would then be suitable for clients or synonymous possibly other facilities.

Because I want to tackle the matter fairly and professionally presented so synonymous somehow my boss needs me time would like to know how the runs in "real" production of such films.

What does a script for something like this? Created it as a storyboard? What should be strictly observed before?

Best regards, Hannes.

Antwort von Vitrend:

I have therefore not so much experience, but make the next two weeks internship in a video company, and you can then tell you a little bit.
As far as I know, is created for commercials as a rule, no storyboard. That would raise the costs dramatically in the Height synonymous, because someone needs to draw the pictures yes. But script must in any case.

Antwort von FritzK:

Hi, I have created a promotional film for a nursing home.
You must know the business very closely. They must not grumble
participate. You need the permission of relatives, so that you, the
Allowed to shoot people. The camera should have been a 3-chip and a good wide Anglehaben. A tripod has to be. A script synonymous. But you can Rotate only from the belly, that is exactly how it runs.
Afterwards, everything will be right after eschnitten script. There should be some way
as if you have a Aufatz in school writing about this institution.
I cut 4 months and rotated. It made very high demands s.einen commercial.
Greeting Fritzke

Antwort von PowerMac:

What is written here is so naja ...

In professional productions, you need a boss who wants the Project synonymous. The basic format should be clarified. A promotional film called 10/20-minütiger image film. You need you to be aware that the worse is the theme and content, the worse the movie. Nursing home or nursing home and 20-minute image film? Nah. Negative connotations, boring subject. Since you do not have much drama, a stupid issue and not a story, you need a journalist to be an absolute ace! In addition, you need a very high quality camera and nice pictures. Somehow you have to rip out the movie so ... That's only possible with pleasing pictures, good and pleasant colors and a technically good picture. At least with a good DVCAM 1 / 2 "or DVCPRO50. In addition, you need very good and illuminating the" beautiful ". The facilities and equipment and experience needed shortening. Back to the concept. High five minutes. S.Bord get a journalist. without a good editor with magazines or film industry experience, it will not happen. Unless you have a low claim s.deinen own film. Developed a concept. What should reach the film and what effect it will have? advertiser - Informative? What group of people talking he? On what occasions you will show the movie? "I suppose you want to imagine the establishment, with all its benefits and positive aspects and present one or the other will allow nurses to speak. This is your movie. At first you ask for the location , give gross WWW information. Then you picks you two, and three aspects of Just imagine. For example, some water treatment option. You show the device show therapist and patient, how it works. By showing radiant patients. Does the patient have their say how well the measure but it does. As pleased the audience with such amazing and special treatment options. gehts Then the food: great chefs, good quality, delicious taste. show kitchen. Food ceremony. happy eater. a chef about his culinary philosophy talking about. "I am personally an individual and healthy Ernäherung important. It indeed is not one size fits all patients (...) ". Sowas says the chef. The audience is happy, he is not treated as individuals and as one of hundreds in your nursing home. Finally, key issues like a decent deal in are Home s.einer demonstrated exemplary one-minute morning washing ceremony.'ll continue with the modernity of the facility. All you rack up an O-sound of the device manager, how proud he is on his investment, because the staff are exceptionally motivated Beier with him. No wonder, with all the benefits! have this impression will you need your viewers s.Schluss synonymous. A script you can put you in the ass. You need a good, basic journalistic approach. Something like I've touched it. You start with a brief overview of. Important information will be convince mentioned times touched /. But without prejudging important in the drama! then certain aspects are shown. aspects that are particularly and the audience will. Finally, you come with an O-Kurzzuammenfassung with some shades of patients who are doing particularly well . about the emotional track. The draws.
What images do you need it, should be fairly clear. The total building. Beautiful setting of the bottom, perhaps from a helicopter. In the evening when the sun is shining and beautiful reddish gold. Then some scenes from everyday life. Just play a few days later going on to film. Light from a treatment room. Sometime people come in and be treated. You film the same. Ne shot, many close-ups, everything is interesting. Blood pressure measurement, a questioning look of a patient, the friendly response from the nurse. The handshakes, kind words. The apparatuses, the technical equipment. Then you film the dining room. It is about the aspect of good Betreeun - synonymous as far as the food. For this you have 45-60 seconds. And now you drhest: Morgends film in the canteen. The funny film, easily fat cooking, as he cooks. He must synonymous extra time for you chop chives very fine. Then he looks competent. Films du sowas Quite often ran close. And beautiful light mi

Antwort von Hannibali:


thank you very much - especially s.Patrick - but for the very detailed info!
Turn on the idea without a script prepared in advance, I am not yet come. So you think it would make more sense to hold the interesting aspects of the concept, then turn and then create the first "school essay", which will later eingesprochen?

The length of the film I'm not sure. The whole thing is passing notes a Behindertenwohnheim with workshop and education (not necessarily as old people ... like a turnoff, there are theater groups, bands, etc.) A fairly large total complex (with school and workshop) will be mentioned only briefly and very real businesses .
Therefore, it is synonymous difficult to bridge between short and detailed information to beat ... thus synonymous brevity film. I think that's must be at least 10-12 minutes.

That with the settings and the "drama in the small" is very good, helps me synonymous next safe.

That means now:

Concept make. Which conditions must I consider?
Target audience, impact, scope ... what else?

Thank you erstmal. If I have any questions, I meld again.

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