Infoseite // Asynchronitäten with DV Camera -> PC

Frage von Jens Peter Moeller:

Hello together,

with DV editing and DV cameras, I know I am not yet
so good, but still like to wish a friend,
me had asked for advice, at least give a hint.
He complained of non-synchronous sound to video transfer
on his PC. His answer to my demand:

> Yes, Digital Video Camera Panasonic NV-GS60 with Mini DV Video.
> About Game USB Cable
> With the Magix software is sometimes not recognized the camera.
> Message: "No camera connected"
> About Windows movie maker, I could the whole movie on the PC host.
> It was me then of the program breaks down into several clips. On the
> First clip was of sound even in parallel, on the other no more.
> In between lacked synonymous sequences in the film, although the transfer
> Of the movie on the PC that the whole time on the PC window to see
> Had been.

So just USB? Thought this is usually via Firewire. This is the
Cause that Magix Camera will not, right?
And the problems with the movie maker is likely to s.Programm
lying, right? ^ ^

So the first recommendation would be to use with Firewire and again
an attempt with Magix. Correct?



Antwort von Malte Johanson:

Jens Peter Moeller wrote:
> So the first recommendation would be to use and even with Firewire
> Times an experiment with Magix. Correct?
I agree to. DV is always in real time via firewire
restore! This is true not only for MAGIX products. Asynchronität can
but then immr still arise when the individual recordings at the
Tape (why always synonymous) use different sampling rates
were. 48kHz standard should be.
Cheers, Malte.


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