Infoseite // Asynchronous sound Adope premiere pro 7.0/FAQ no help!

Frage von Fynn:

Hello dear friends of the films,
I have a problem with the sound Adope premiere pro 7.0 runs faster than the film. The problem is addressed in the faq and I've tried to change it but when I went under the project settings could not change the audio frequency was gray so they can not be selected.
Now I have the film even if it is in my possibilities (is my first) is processed and only the asynchronous fertigestellt ton more disturbing, as he put s.einer almost 10 seconds faster which of course is pretty synonymous bothers wenns only shots from the holiday are .

The manual I have not been synonymous solution habs not really verstanden.Ich find the places not exactly synonymous. As far as I know was that it sometimes just is not possible to change the audio rate.

This problem occurred in all my previous captured film (a film even net of other processed) on I could not change the audio rate. I have captured with Canopus ADVC 110. Ne analog camera is panasonic.

I have no idea where I should turn the screw to solve the problem. s.einfachsten would ne a new camera but the money would need only one synonymous: /

Mfg. Fynn


Antwort von Markus:


The ADVC-110 has a locked-in audio function, which prevents a drift between Picture and Sound. Audio data in digital video section has a sampling rate of 32 or 48 kHz (12 or 16 bits). - Is there sA / D converter any switch, with which you can select the sampling rate?

The (Project-/Capture-) setting in Premiere should ideally same sampling rate for the sound how the incoming data.


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