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Bei 2x capturen des selben Materials dennoch nicht binär ident....

At 2x the same material but not binary capture ident ...

Frage von zaphods2ndhead:
Juni 2009

Gibts hier specialists who have researched this topic already?

Have the same mini-DV cassette recording of a Canon HV20 twice with HDVSplit 0.77 beta in a different location each "captured".

After that I made with Beyond-Compare Comparison of a binary file. In accordance with the time code were the scenes of each a separate m2t-file in both directories and the same number of files with the same name and was always (but it is only File Size approximately the same, different) always Weinges Kbytes.

Comparison of each of the binary same scenes, it became apparent that not only s.Schluss or the beginning of the file were unterschieliche bytes, but after a regular pattern synonymous over the entire length in the file - but again, not many groups of unterschielichen bytes ( , as if an art unterschielicher translation timecode would have happened, or the time of capurends with would have been written into the file ...)

Due to the regularity of the differences I suppose, that the image information of the two capture attempts are identical in each case before and therefore the more theoretical discussion ....
But a bissl confused me yet - in the FAQ can be read like 2x that capture via the FireWire data transfer is indeed just a different data and then landed on my hard drive.

I would like to make sure that my results are after capturing any quality deficiencies in relation to the recording on tape. Synonymous, but I've found no software that would be capable of a "captured" file (for errors, image errors, dropped frames, blocks, artifacts, check to bit errors ,...).

If there are errors, you can indeed, in a 2nd Capture Through hope that the data will get better, if is the first time just slipped grad a dirt particles on the read head wobbled, or the cable and the contact just once was not perfect (; sowas has led me to have scenes in 2 parts divided, but if very briefly, is perhaps led to an image error?)


Antwort von tommyb:

That is so, as one would fear the light in the fridge does not go off when you close the door: D

The binary difference between the files with the highest likely result from the fact that the scene is not exactly the distinction works. Perhaps there is an overhead s.einigen synonymous sites. Perhaps the camera so synonymous sends a time stamp when the material was recorded (; time) and located in the stream.

In any case, this is a capture process quite conceivable, because the same can only be binary files that were copied onto a disk of the other.

That which is on the tape, although 1 and 0, but these must be saved when transferring into a container. Depending may cause such differences - it ultimately has no m2ts files on the tape.

Antwort von robbie:

Furthermore, there is in digital video formats stored on tape, an error correction. And when an error occurs, and especially as he will be corrected, is a matter of interpretation of the algorithm. And there's certainly times a random value inside.

Antwort von zaphods2ndhead:

THANK YOU for the recent replies.

It is adding a bissl a luxury problem.

Slight differences s.Anfang and end are synonymous easily ignorable. Continuous kleinigkeiten ide that run through the entire length ...

Ifs box office timecode would be that's reassuring - wenns error, then one could (; Häuffigkeit and density of occurrence) take as an indicator of how well the tape drive is working (; thus synonymous to when it needs a cleaning - the cleaning tape should be synonymous yes nciht ever used ...)

Mir gehts so check to see if I have to transfer the material in the tape available on the quality (; against errors that are already in the band recording can be done before nothing more - the failure Pasiene can capture it with the capture again, and then clean or Yes capture) might improve / fix.

But it looks gibts showed no possibility to verify.

Nat. The material can be tedious (and with the highest concentration, and perhaps even in slow motion:) Watch and see if you found somewhere in the 3960 sec a mistake - and if you then just get the impression there was something then you can Once again, the check via HDMI directly from the camera on a screen - obs as synonymous looks ....

But I'm sure I do not believe the nerve

I have now opened a second issue whether there is software to digitally capture the material to verify whether the image errors / dropped frames / blocks ... has. This remains true immernohc the need to look up whether that is not already on the tape on it so (; to be safe because we really needed a second drive / camera ...)

But since we are working digitally I have such hope that such a lengthy painstaking work can still take synonymous a machine:)

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Zaphods2ndhead
then you can check the options again via HDMI directly from the camera on a screen - obs as synonymous looks ....

HDMI synonymous only come out from the decoded signal. The only difference is access: the mistakes and not the protection of the camera, the NLE (; if the NLE and the error has any such protection does not, like most, is only just scraped off).
checked whether image errors / dropped frames / blocks ... has.

The term "dropped frames" has lost nothing to do with frames but gone is the approximation of the ATSC timecode s.The real time, so only a calculation factor.
meticulous work but can take a machine synonymous

Yep, that's probably true, since HP offers a full range s.Analysern ... But not everything on the consumer price.
The synonymous to do anything else than anzuschmeissen error protection and evaluate the activities.

For amateur filmmakers are there a few tools that might help, although limited to MPEG2-TS are ... look at this, if you come next order:

Antwort von zaphods2ndhead:

THANK YOU - now I'm already in the neighborhood - the two Progs I've seen, unfortunately, nothing but the tools of HP do you think? If the Hewlett Packard?

Antwort von zaphods2ndhead:

@ WoWu - please if you read this - the analyzer / Tools of "HP" (; Hewlett Packard mean?) Had raised for?

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