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Frage von Clemensch:

Hello dear Slashcam community!

Had a small but annoying problem. I'm just about in the EN CS4 burn a DVD with two audio tracks! A German an English.
Have the two tracks synonymous assign the correct language code (; left of the traces of EN and DE)
Now I've the problem, however, that if I finished DVD in the player and I played out on the English Language, he switch me "undefined 2" display. When I returned to German switche he shows quite normal "German 1"!
With what can it relate? S.verzweifeln already and am really hoping for your help!

Vielen Dank schon mal


Antwort von Mylenium:

"Clemensch" wrote: With what can it relate? S.verzweifeln already and am really hoping for your help!

Is s.Player. Many expect the first audio track is always English and komemn with other sequences out of step. They often synonymous manage any country codes and therefore show imemr "unknown". easy to verify times on 'nem other device.



Antwort von Clemensch:

Thank Mylenium!

Funny is just that I've tried on several players, which recognize only one language. When I trace the German normal as to cite the U.S. and English as EN, show me the player of German to English if I toggle "German 1". If I then switch back to German, he shows "Undefined 2". Now I thought the wheel well at times. German and English sign on EN to DE, and lo and behold. Now when I turn it in German, "German 1" s.and instead of "English 2" again just "2 is undefined.

Can this be a bug in the program? Am I too stupid, or is related to wircklich only with the players?

Schönes WE!


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