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Frage von Macba:


I have two questions regarding the audio alignment.

I have three interviews that were leveled differently. How can I make sure to listen to all three identical. So, on audio track in CS5, right click, audio gain, max peak normalized to 0.3 Db. I lie so right? then everything is identical? For I hear just non `....

The third interview is not stereo, so Mono. Can I just Doppler the mono track. So the two identical mono tracks superimpose? Hab'ich not then s.Ende stereo? Sounds better anyway. But now: it is then yes synonymous twice as loud. How do I match that in turn with the other two interviews from?

I hope you can help me,



Antwort von Macba:



Antwort von Macba:

Ok, mono tracks can be doubled and then added Stereo.

But is there not a function, with which I can bring 3 interviews on a volume level. The tracks are completely verfrickelt and individual sequences consist of approximately 150th I must now solve the manual? See that everything is about -12 dB?


Antwort von MarcBallhaus:

So, if None then will I make ma

Aaaaalso, are in principle Einzelschnippel very bad. The "normalizing" uses you nothing, because it seeks schnippelweise only the peak level and be applied in every Slice remaining to lift the (0-schnippelspitzenpegel) *- first Then afterwards but everything louder, but otherwise just different in different ways.

The best thing you level after hearing everything in a similar volume to somewhere around - should be 6 dB in the tips. If that is less synonymous no preference. Now I do not like Premiere treats audio, but I suspect there are no synonymous subgroups and AUX channels. Therefore ...

... in the next step the so-leveled track export and import again and put a piece of film. Now you can pack the following effects in the following order on a big Slice: Noise Gate -> EQ -> Normalize / Level -> Compressor -> limiter.

to noise gate to roaring silence mute -> EQ to cut the heart and heights of (language emphasis) -> Normalize / level to raise / decrease in the level -> Compressor in a 2:1 ratio / threshold at about -10 closer to the signal to and make to limit the Dynamics -> limiter again to "loud" to make and while limiting the level at 0 dB. The limit of -9 dB or -12 dB I would only make the opening lead, because you usually in 16-bit audio to much Resolutionverlierst.

How it works and you get NEN fat sound.
Have fun.


PS: is 2x mono from stereo but not a dual mono. Is meaningless, can be synonymous mono on it and add 6 dB is the same.


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