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Frage von norbert44:

Good morning together
I have a problem with the synchronicity of Sound and Picture.

I lost my VHS-C videos using a video grabber HAMA in Mpeg2 changed. On the PC, everything is OK, as with the Media Player.

When I burn a DVD, it will be at play with a DVD player
unsynchron after a certain time, usually for 'empty' places in the VHS-C tape.

If I pause s.DVD player press START, it is only once again synchronously.

What is the background for this behavior? How can I change it?

Already many times thanks for the reply.


Edit from Mod: thread under the heading "DVD Authoring / Encoding" postponed.


Antwort von dietzemichi:

the only explanation for me would be because the dvd player, because if aufm pc is running without problems, is either s.der burned dvd or s.player. versuch just another player, some players come with the audio not afterwards, I asked firmly. vll your bitrate is too high einegstellt, which can lead to problems synonymous. for dvd player, the bitrate for video and audio not 9 Mbit / s over, then the player can not handle and it may then well be that he would with the audio nciht behind or even no picture shows. with haste because what bitrate encoded?


Antwort von norbert44:

Hello dietzemichi,

I have with VBR max. 7000 set.

The DVD player is a Grundig and 1 week old.
I will take a different player to test.

You say that the player may not come afterwards. If the video / audio information sequencer. before?

Which 'screw' maybe I could still shoot?

Is there a PC. To mpeg2 files on potential incompatibilities with
DVD players to test?

Thank you very much



Antwort von dietzemichi:

hallo norbert,

because your dvd player is so new, I would not have thought that since such a problem occurs when the sound asynchronously, then one sees the mostly already on the pc and not on the dvd player.
thou sayest, thou hast vbr 7000 eingstellt, this is true for your audio and your video? or just for your video track? versuch vll times with constant bitrate to encode for video and take 7000 KB / s maximum, for audio 224 kb / s.
it would be helpful if you would tell me, with what programs you are working, then I may better assist you.
if the mpeg2 einwandfei on your computer is running, you can still synonymous lie s.dem authoring program.
what you try, together with a new encoding köntnest, would demux the mpeg2, you will use the "MPEG Streamclip" and demuxten import the files into your authoring program.

I am unfortunately not a program known as an incompatibility with DVD players can test, geauthorte plays the dvd on your pc without asynchronität from? to try once the "video TS" folder on the hard disk with a software dvd player play.



Antwort von norbert44:

Good morning, I again hold together:

I was with a HAMA Videograbber play MPEG2 file created (VBR max 7000, whether for video or video + audio is, I do not) and those with no frills DVD Movie Factory3 (without a new rendering) put on a DVD.
On the PC there is with Nero and Media Player and RealPlayer no problems when I play this DVD.

On of Grundig DVD players (the first was exchanged, without success) and the new 'movid' (I voted against the Grundig exchanged) is an audio offset of about 2 sec when the player goes about the job, s.der on the VHS cassette was just rushing. If you press pause briefly - Play it again synchronously.

Would be important to me now to find out whether in the preparation of the fault lies
(Then have to arrange another grabber) or what I have to purchase a DVD player, look out, so he plays my DVDs.

With an 'old' Denver and an old 'Yamada' running the DVD Player

So is s.Aufnehmen or s.Abspielen?




Antwort von clipaward:

hallo norbert,

So if I understand it and the dvd on some DVD players but does not at all, then comes the problem of player her.
there are two suggestions that I would make you:
1. try to imagine where the noise was simply rauszuschneiden (where it is now the ton of rauscht) if it is really the noise is what is causing the error, then this is the easiest way to correct this ebseitigen.
2. MPG2 simply encode the new times, helping the vll vll yes.

I do not know otherwise intelligent solution. aberman looks again, the Japanese build but not as bad device ;)...

viel erfolg!

ps: if you "TMPG encoder 2.5 plus" is, you can simply without new re-encode a "merge and cut out, so you then rush simply rausschneiden can.
bekomsmt a trial version here:


Antwort von dietzemichi:

yes ... silly if you forget to log on ... hope I could help you, or you know then. s.wen you could apply for TMPG.

gruß, the michi


Antwort von norbert44:

Many thanks for the answers

I go now synonymous times assume that some of the players can not read, why always synonymous. It remains but an uneasy feeling that the real reason not to know, since I was a few hundred cassettes will digitizer.

It might be that in Mpeg any errors in it, which some players ignore some not!

Therefore s.dieser office again the question s.Alle:


Thank you in advance.



Antwort von Markus:

"norbert44" wrote: ... especially since I was a few hundred cassettes will digitizer.
This would be synonymous to the purchase of a real analog-digital converter worthwhile. The Picture-/Tonversatz I would feel from the previously set forth Videograbber ascribed synonymous if the problem is not everywhere equally occurs.

At least this could be a source of error by the test using an A / D converter to exclude - or find?

See synonymous:
FireWire FAQ">1. (c) capturing by means of graphics card, TV card or Videograbber?

If just the whole analog recordings on DVD on plays, then would be synonymous to use a DVD recorder. Thus, such problems usually are not. A model with additional hard drive would also synonymous allow easy cuts, such as front and rear wegzutrimmen something or a recording gap from the middle to remove it before the result will be burned to DVD.



Antwort von PowerMac:

Clearly: Your audio - and video stream are in the ass. Or. together in the Vob file. Investigate whether both have the same lifetimes. Or create your "HAMA Videograbber" be a Vob? A new rendering muxen and the single tracks should help. Games rather than an AND DV encode your audio - and video track with a better software package and then muxe erst


Antwort von Quadruplex:

"norbert44" wrote: It might be that in Mpeg any errors in it, which some players ignore some not!
I have with so 'nem USB Part of Pinnacle, which, unfortunately, synonymous only outputs MPEG-2, had similar experiences. The unmodified video ran correctly, once the stuff is in any way to edit, Picture and sound were not synchronously. Settled by Demultiplexing with


Antwort von norbert44:

Good morning together, many thanks for the tips with many references to possible Uracher and possible remedies.

As long as I do not know EXACTLY what it is, I shy synonymous to invest in "a proper analog-digital converter"
or a "DVD recorder".

@ PowerMac
... Investigate whether both have the same lifetimes ...

OK How do I change the length of streams in the Mpeg2 file note?

@ Quadruplex
... Read by Demultiplexing with ProjectX resolve ...

Is it a quality loss? Or will only sound and picture separately and then together again?

Can you briefly describe what exactly you have to do with ProjectX?
Would be grateful for a reply.




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