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Frage von Xeon:

Hello looking for a cheap way to sound (Music) at a party getrent record? I'm filming a school project would Aufehmen getrent the sound but not less than stereo.



Antwort von Schoko:

Zoom H2

Unfortunately, only in very long shots not quite synchronously to the video, but ultimately no big deal ....

better but more expensive synonymous: Zoom H4n


Antwort von Mink:

... s on ebay good stereo micro and mini disc recorder nen buy ....


Antwort von rush:

the zoom h2 makes itself really quite good for it ...
I guess synonymous quite happy to have a continuous atmo ... can synonymous' nen endemic to connect directly through line, etc. .. need to adapt halt.

48khz to keep the part has been running very well ... since I usually only be used as an atmo me no synchro errors noticed.

synonymous with holding a very long time with 2 batteries


Antwort von happythewicked:

H4N have the zoom and am really pleased.

with phantom power, the battery goes down pretty fast.
But if the location is fixed, so that you can depend ding to the network.

I find great quality ...


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